What have you done today to change the world? Rescue stray animals

Lucky, found on a Bucharest highway, now living in Germany in her forever home.

“I rescued stray animals either for TNR (trap, neuter and return) or to find them forever homes. I also raise money for the hospital which gave me an experimental treatment some years ago.” Bruno, 40, UK Bruno lived in Bucharest,… Continue Reading

Invasione Italiana // Editorial Video Exclusive


The world is yearning for roots and Roberta Sparta brings hers all the way from Italy… A descendent of an Italian fashion house that turned manufacture for all the top labels such as ARMANI , VALENTINO, UNGARO, VERSACE. Sparta was… Continue Reading

What have you done today to change the world?


  “What have you done today to change the world?” is a project intended to gather and highlight inspiring actions by extraordinary people throughout the globe, which contribute to a more peaceful, more balanced and fairer world. Yes, changing the… Continue Reading



Hey Van Der Lovers! Today i want to introduce you “Urbiana”, a London based jewellery and fashion accessories boutique with amazing pieces. With a family background of designers, Urbiana team found themselves travelling extensively all over the world. During this time… Continue Reading