East 15 threads


East Fifteen is a start-up fashion label based in East London, set up in the spring of 2014, creating super smart Garments for day and night. Its ‘Black Label’ features ladies ‘affordable luxury’ clothing, and its white label consists of… Continue Reading

What have you done today to change the world? Rescue stray animals

Lucky, found on a Bucharest highway, now living in Germany in her forever home.

“I rescued stray animals either for TNR (trap, neuter and return) or to find them forever homes. I also raise money for the hospital which gave me an experimental treatment some years ago.” Bruno, 40, UK Bruno lived in Bucharest,… Continue Reading

Invasione Italiana // Editorial Video Exclusive


The world is yearning for roots and Roberta Sparta brings hers all the way from Italy… A descendent of an Italian fashion house that turned manufacture for all the top labels such as ARMANI , VALENTINO, UNGARO, VERSACE. Sparta was… Continue Reading