GOLDEN BOY Editorial

“The secrets of alchemy exist to transform mortals from a state of suffering and ignorance to a state of enlightenment and bliss.” Photography and Creative Director : David Sonnier Models: Amber Ball & Steven Husser MUA: Jillyan Bevlaqua Hair &… Continue Reading

Ana Por Thiago // Exclusive Editorial

Photographer: Thiago @dosegundoandar Models: Ana – @anadamski Wardrobe credits Thiago @dosegundoandar Social links & websites

What have you done today to change the world? A different learning method

“We decided to tear down walls, gather students. We understood that alone we couldn’t teach everything to everyone. But, working as a team, following a project and making the act of learning autonomous, we could effectively respond to each student’s… Continue Reading

What have you done today to change the world? Abolish all animal suffering

“We should always think how certain actions we do would make us feel, if they were to be done to us. That would give us the answer to everything and the world would be very different!” Sandra Cóias, Portugal  … Continue Reading