Zuzana Kralova Fashion Interview

KRALOVA_Design is the brand of the Czech designer Zuzana Kralova. Kralova is committed to innovation and differentiation, with collections designed to the catwalk,  and a clear inspiration in the art world, but also with garments that can be used for day to day wearing. Clothes that leverage cuts, concepts and solutions developed for prototypes, although adapted to a different use being the result of a thorough study of the body. And i can confirm that her designs fit very well to the bodies , because i have the privilege of wearing one of her creations to attend the last Lisbon Fashion Week.

The brand’s mission is to satisfy the need for exprression through the garment.


-How do you remember your start in the fashion world?
My grad mother was a dressmaker, so I grew up playing with patterns and garments, quite soon, at 15, i decided to follow my studies in Art and Fashion.
– How do you get the inspiration?
Everywhere, art, the streets, my own world..
– What differentiates Kralova’s design proposals from other fashion designers that we can find in the market?
Well, I have being raised in Central Europe but I lived mainly in Spain, I think that influences my vision blending uniquely the form and the color, I do not follow trends which means that is highly unlikely that you see my designs concepts somewhere else, everything I do just follow my instinct
-You have shown your collections on Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week. How was the experience?
It was fantastic, hard work but pays off, an opportunity to show your designs to a high level audience and raise your own standards
– You were finalist at Brilliance Talent Award, finalist to the National Design Award in the Czech Republic, and in 2013 you got the
Special Price in contest of Young Designers in Madrid .What does it mean for you?
I have mixed feelings about contests, winning or being finalist helps your career, you get exposure, improves your CV as designer, but at the same time it is a distraction on your way
 -Do you have any muse?
As a person not really, if you talk about designers, definitely Balenciaga, Margiella or Alexander Wang right now,
– If  you have to describe the current situation of the Fashion World in your country with a dress . how would you do it?
Nice and smart question, talking about the Czech Republic it will be a gown, because Chequia is forgeting the rigidness of the past, and gowns are quite ethereal, and talking about Spain it will be a skort , skirt and short together, which shows the blurring frontiers of the masculine/feminine concepts, being also a funny garment adequate for leaving away an economic recession
-What can we expect in your upcoming collection?
Last collection was Bohemicca, men’s collection for spring/summer 2014 inspired by my native Bohemia, where constructivists forms are the space to natural and rustic fabrics to contrast with the color and texture of the Mediterranean, next collection will be autum/winter for both men and women around a topic that I have been working on for some time.
– Where can we buy your clothes?
On line at www.kralovadesign.com and in quite a number of marketplaces in internet, in physical stores in Prague like Gallery Novesta, Czech Labels, Hardecore or LOAT in Madrid, others are coming soon.
kralova_bohemicca-8 kralova_bohemicca-9
-And finally a dream to be done.
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