What have you done today to change the world? Sponsor a Child

“I was so impressed with the Cambodian people – they always have a smile on their faces despite the extreme poverty in which most of them live. I started to do some research on the Internet and that’s how I came across CCF – Cambodian Children’s Fund.”
Lurdes, Portugal
Lurdes is a retired English and German Teacher and a devoted mother of two (now, adults). Before visiting Cambodia, Lurdes was aware that the country had been under a severe dictatorship by Khmer Rouge, responsible for a mass extinction of the country’s population. She also knew that Cambodians were widely known for their kindness and warmth. After her first visit, in 2008, she was amazed with the country’s beauty and even more with its people’s, and when investigating a little more on that special place, she found CCF – Cambodia Children’s Fund.
CCF’s founder, Scott Neeson, is the former President of film production company 20th Century Fox. While visiting Cambodia, in 2003, he witnessed the misery of so many children and their families and he simply couldn’t go back to his old luxurious life. He sold all his assets, moved to Cambodia and created the CCF (https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/).
Lurdes decided to sponsor a child and contacted CCF. When asked if she preferred a girl or a boy, she said it didn’t matter. Srey Rath, a 15-year-old girl, was assigned to her and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship nourished through e-mails and regular visits. The yearly sponsorship is 1200 USD (or more, if one so desires).
Srey Rath is now in the university, studying Management, and will remain under the care of CCF until she’s independently established in life.
Lurdes always refers to Srey Rath as her Cambodian daughter.
. What have you done today to change the world? .
by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira

Cláudia Gomes Oliveira

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