Wedding meets senses by Franco Quintáns



This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the “Wedding meets senses” event in the spectacular Pazo Baión (Vilanova de Arosa), an innovative and open  idea to approach the world of weddings through the senses, by the  Galician Fashion Designer  Franco Quintáns and  the the  division of Groups Ruta  Xacobea.

We began the experience with a visit to the wine Cellar, where they did the exclusive Albariño “Pazo Baión” followed by a commented  wine tasting .


To close this sensory journey, Grupo Ruta Jacobea, a company that handles events in Baión Manor hosted a cocktail in which were present proposals submitted by the  bridal pastry Queens of Cakes.


A closed and interactive performance where we could touch the designs that made the collection of the designer, a different and attractive way to show couples who intend to marry, some key pieces to create a special and unique day.


Without doubt, a special night designed to unleash the creativity of your special day!



Congratulations to Franco Quintáns with this new project  which has been a success.


Amanda Chic


  1. A wonderful event!!I’ve been there and it was something different……Congratulations a Franco Quintáns y a Amanda Chic.

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