Titis Clothing ” Sisterland”

TitisClothing celebrates its first decade of life and celebrates it  with Sisterland  its new Autumn / Winter 2015 collection • A conceptual and intimate retrospective through fabrics, patterns and illustrations pick the country invented the three sisters who are at the forefront of the brand Honoring their status  of sisters, Mariángeles, Irene and Minuca Carreño, leading the fashion  brand TitisClothing  and celebrate the first decade of their creative project with Sisterland Fall / Winter 2015.



For the occasion, the three sisters dressed the brand through a conceptual and intimate retrospective of their  life’s work. And, it is impossible to discern where is the line between both worlds. So much so that for this new season the inner worlds of each of them come together; this imaginary universe that recreate the pace and since childhood and that only they know how adventurous they are consummated. Three different souls who separate are wonderful, but they are great to join, as shown in their new collection. And, after a ten-year journey, not without obstacles, they dreamed of growing together and have done so. The three explorers inexhaustible, with backpacks full of wishes and desires decided to take a trip and, although there is still much road ahead, it is the most exciting journey of their lives. They hope not but share it with those who choose to wear their creations: the perfect alternative to differentiate themselves from others. Viscous, crepes, point tricot, stretch fabrics that give comfort and adaptability to the female figure in the autumn-winter season. Opt for sophistication for the evening with transparency, more sheer fabrics that reveal the very feminine figure. Elegant moles, black and orange and pink tones in contrast to the turquoise blue white broken off and make this the most versatile and chic collection .

dress-juana-flora (1)dress-juana-florarebeca-tapiz dress-aurora-green

Aircraft, luggage, binoculars to observe the future but also the past, and a nod to the film world reminiscent director Wes Anderson … are the elements that adorn the fabric of their new creations and concept campaign for Fall / Winter 2015 and also illustrate the memories of the world invented by these sisters, recreated into Sisterland Fall / Winter 2015.



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