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Titis Clothing is a clothing company created by three sisters, Maria Angeles, Irene and Minuca. The concept was born as the dream of life experiences, hopes and latent desire to create a world where tastes are reflect ed in a certain way of understanding women and how they dress as an expression of themselves. Stylish Clothing  which generate positivity and radiate vitality.


 LIFE, the new Collection by TitisClothing, gathers fresh ideas, old traditions and the spirit of Nature. Autumnal dreams, wooden textures and warm winter light. New Designs full of life made with Heart.


Nature, People, the Mediterranean, and so many other small things that are our constant sources of inspiration, and which are materialized into designs bursting with color and luminosity that project a positive outlook full of vitality and optimism.


Quality clothes that make each woman feel special and unique, and which turn the act of dressing up each morning into a moment of joy and illusion in which to decide how to face the day.


Old traditions and wisdom are major sources of inspiration for them, as they collaborate with local craftsmen and artisans.

The brand is sold in recent years in countries like Germany, France, Belgium and Holland and it begins its  expansion in USA.


Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/TITIS-CLOTHING/101739466234

Site: http://www.titisclothing.com/

Shop online: http://www.shoptitis.com/




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