Striking Muses // Exclusive Editorial

Inspired by the astonishing female figure and the overwhelming mother nature, Striking Muses Exclusive Editorial is an ode to the world of nude classics and the greatest photographers of modern times.

Photographer: Edgar Keats
Hairstyling/Makeup Artist: Paulo Varela
Styling: Cláudia Ferreira

Rita Ribeiro @ L’Agence Lisboa
Sara Encarnação @ L’Agence Lisboa
Joana A.

Ilaria Iacoviello and the Sexual Liberation Exclusive Editorial

Remember our past issue featured model and designer Ilaria Iacoviello? She brings the sexy back with this minimal but very close and intimate Exclusive Editorial.


Sexual liberation as different moments of the same mood: investigation of body, mind and soul.

Liberation as not being explicit, but having the chance to soar in freedom, being independent and light. Free oneself from boundaries of constraints, erotic and moral ones.

As a result a graceful, stylish, and in someway timid, set of photos that investigates these thoughts and portraits someone who is trying to accept this new state of freedom in a delicate and gentle way.




Photographer: Floriana Mantovani
Model: Ilaria Iacoviello / / +39 366 7251995
Makeup Artist: Marina Ferro /
Fashion Stylist: Francesca Esposito