Lisboa Fashion Week Day 3


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The last day of Lisbon Fashion Week we had the pleasure of attending a totally innovative catwalk by the Hand  of the fashion designer Nuno Gama, who chose as stage one of the main squares of the Portuguese capital, making us enjoy a spectacular extravaganza with allure and absolutely masterful. Taking out his new collection for next fall, and bringing fashion to those residents, tourists, curious and passionate about fashion, who approached to the place to admire the work of one of the Portuguese fashion designers more influential, whose collections are sold worldwide.

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His collection for Fall Winter 14/15 entitled Pantheon, celebrates the glory of immortality and challenges an individual’s ability to reinvent Portuguese archetype of modern life.

The silhouettes remain dynamic and vigorous as opposed to shapes in a balancing game between second skin and volumetrics of the garments in harmonious contrasts evidenced by strengthening gorgeous crochet applications on urban alazones shoulders. Elegance where the individual style  makes the difference.

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Inspired by manga action heroines. Structured shapes vs soft shapes, brown, ash, black blue, and where to find materials such as leather, cotton, silk, wool and cashmere.


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ricardo andrez diseñador


A collection with a strong graphic, and conjugated completed  with nine volumes never before explored by the brand. Emphasizing its entry in the womenswear and  the approchement between the two poles (male – female).



pedro pedro 2

pedro pedro 3

pedro pedro 4pedro pedro diseñador

Parallel universes inspired by the life and work of the photographer Diane Arbus. In the predominantly long and flowing shapez, inspired sport jackets. Materials with metallic finishes. Materials like wool, cashmere. The colors are nostalgic and cover pink, green flag, brown, some shades of gray, beige, gold and silver.



dino alves3

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 dino alves diseñador

Simple but with a little more detail and conceptual design pieces. Wide garments with direct lines. Short dresses made ​​from modeling jackets, with sleek silhouettes. Blouses and trousers with new games color. Mens shirts and some sport materials, but more formal design.


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miguel vieira diseñador

Miguel Vieira was inspired by a winter night in the northern hemisphere, cold, rain, one of those endless nights, where you can hear the silence. Wearing the colors and textures of winter, staying true to the essence of the brand. Beauty distinction and power of seduction.


Closing this 42nd edition of Moda Lisboa with  the fashion designer Felipe Faísca, with a collection named “Entropy”, in collaboration with the designer of shoes Christian Louboutin invited to walk the catwalk at young models, veterans of the trade and some personalities Portuguese society. 

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filipe faisca

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filipe faisca diseñador

In his collection includes colors such as green, yellow or blue, one street chic collection with a meeting between sport and the classic.


Do you  like the proposals from  Lisbon Fashion Week? 

We would like to say  thank you to My Story Ouro Hotel in Lisbon, for the wonderful care from the staff to our team, a lovely hotel and excellent localition near of  the  parade’s area. I will recommend this hotel without any doubt.



Lisbon Fashion Week Day 1

In its 42nd edition, Moda Lisboa presented  the collections for Autumn Winter 2014-2015 selecting multiple locations to stage their fashion shows. Under the beautiful and historic arcades Pombaline of the Pátio da Galé or Praça do Comercio, we saw the Portuguese talent.

cristina real sangue novosangue novo rui vasco22ID sangue novoOlga Noronha


The platform “Sangue Novo”  was responsible to open ModaLisboa this year, consisting of a group of young designers, in which Lisboa bets and continue to invest to find new talent in the national fashion scene, among which were 2ID (Sara Ruben Seidi and Damasio), Catarina Oliveira, Cristina Real, Ina Koelln, Nair Xavier, Olga Noronha, Patrick de Padua and Sofia Macedo.


nair sangue novo

cristina real sangue novo2patrick  de pádua 1962648_10151907737186786_100706565_n

As in previous editions, the program was completed with the parades of some international brands. Besides in the catwalks  they counted with a front row full of personalities from the fashion and media, where we saw  celebrities as the  stylish actress, model and hostess Raquel Prates, or the Hostess of the Sic Mulher, Ana Rita Clara and Ana Sofia Carvalho.

valentim quaresma 1

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 Valentim Quaresma Fashion Designer

valentim quaresma diseñador

Valentim Quaresma was inspired by Africa and the Middle East. The designer known for transforming mundane objects into pieces of contemporary jewelry, shows us a futuristic and innovative style, reflecting the meeting of the three states of materia in which the organic universe is related to the mechanical, which shows some of his classics fetishistic elements represented by chains and leather.

alexandra moura 1

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Alexandra Moura Fashion Designer

alexandra moura 7

Alexandra Moura, considered one of the youngest designers with more impact on the future of the world of fashion brings a proposal inspired by the Handramaut tribe of Yemen, and the work of the  artist Pires Vieira. With a sophisticated, urban and very contemporary collection, where we find colors like the infalile black .

From Van Der Love Magazine and Edgar Keats, we would like to thank the warm welcome to Lisbon Fashion Week, and highlight the close and professional treatment of the entire organization, taking care of the smallest detail. Thank you so much!


To be Continued….