This is my second experience visiting a Louis Vuitton exhibitions. The first time was in Los Angeles in 2015, which seems to be so long ago in the fast pace market of fashion. That exhibition blew my mind in the fact that such a traditional brand from the 1800s could transcend itself in an exhibit encompassing multimedia elements floating above an antique steamer trunk. This exhibition ran from October 27th, 2017 through January 7th, 2018.

The exhibition in NYC also did not disappoint. With multimedia elements along side the traditional curated “museum” style collection, but focused more on the traditional side, somewhat fitting for the Eastcoast clientele. It was presented in a Wall Street neighborhood across the street from the Trinity Church.

It seemed as though we were in a traditional brownstone walk up to some degree, because of the multi-floor instillation. The exhibition begins with a moving train of the NYC subway covered in LV graffiti, then goes into a more tradition museum like gallery.

Standouts among the exhibition was the vintage train car with video windows of the country side as mannequins are adorned with vintage LV. This brings the collection full circle from the modern subway to the vintage train car.

LV is a master at not only the longevity of a luxury brand, but embracing contemporary elements while staying true to the history of the brand. One example of this is the use of the Capital V logo that originated, “More than 100 years ago the CAPITAL V, originally belonged to Gaston-Louis Vuitton, the grandson of Louis. Regarded as the visionary of the family, Gaston-Louis made this letter,” according to the Louis Vuitton website.

Another example is the recent collaboration with streetwear label Supreme. One of the stand out items especially for kids that skate, like my 13 year old son, is the skateboard retailing for a staggering $68,500 USD.

Business of Fashion describes, the world’s most elite luxury houses, like Louis Vuitton, have driven strong financial results by creating iconic products as high price points, which, paired with elaborate marketing campaigns. With streetwear designers on the rise especially with millennials and heritage luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton embracing not only their history but the future, the fashion environment continues to push the boundaries while staying true to their roots.

Fashion meets Art // Exclusive Editorial

As the worlds of Fashion and Art intersect on the grand scale in museums around the globe (with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute currently hosting the blockbuster Comme Des Garçons exhibit) we thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the two worlds in a somewhat less formal environment. The Chelsea Gallery district in New York is one of the most vibrant locations for viewing contemporary art in the world, so it seems natural to run our ‘experiment’ there – just a few subway stops away from the Met…

Congratulations Robert Altman and all of your team for this incredible work. We love it.

Carolee New York



Carolee New york, a New Yorker brand with high quality jewelry that reflects the prestige, sophistication and the lifestyle of a contemporary woman.












In 2012 the company celebrated 40 years of life, and their collections can be found from jewelry in sterling silver with a sleek and modern twist to the classic pearl or  colored pearls, each one adapting to the trends of each season. The brand is distinguished by its exceptional quality and beauty of their creations.


You can find Carolee over 40 countries and stores such as Bloomingdale’s, The Bay, Lord & Taylor, Macy’s, Belk, Harvey Nichols, Karstadt, John Lewis, Maboli, Rustans, Von Maur, Carson’s.






Carolee is the perfect gift for any occasion: a birthday, Mother’s Day, a special occasion, or just because !





Pearls  are my weakness, besides being a totally timeless gem and a must have in any jewelry box, this key piece get a sleek, sophisticated and very romantic air look.

Carolee New York has a wide range of jewelry for weddings and ceremonies. The perfect destination for any bride.








I invite you to its fan page and see their latest creations, I’m sure that won’t leave you indifferent


David Christian Fashion Interview


Today I want to introduce the Spanish brand David Christian, created in 2000, after which they are Paloma Chacon and Maria Roca, mother and daughter, which form a perfect team .David Christian is a perfect option for bridesmaids and guests who want to be dressed elegantly demonstrating their own style but without fanfare or frilly, a youthful, stylish and sophisticated woman.

David Christian is a spanish fashion brand company of clothing made to measure and  which can combine cuts, fabrics and patterns that suits every body, without leave the  craftsmanship.

We enter the exciting world of a brand which has conquered many women’s wardrobes , and that I personally love.





– How were your beginnings in the world of fashion?

We started 14 years ago by our designs based on the style that we like. At first we just design casual or sport clothes, but we realized there was a gap in the segment of dresses for weddings guests, bridesmaids and of course brides.


– How do you get the inspiration?

We inspire each collection exclusively on how we see our clients, we think that in designs and cuts which can favor our clientes, and we know from our experience, that you feel well,  when you are all combined with a colorful mix that you never imagine that it’s cool.



– Do you remember the first piece or garment which you created ? 

  Yes, it was a sport jacket which was completely  a basic garment during a long time. Of course,  we quickly made ​​the dress version.


– What kind of woman goes David Christian? 

David  Christian goes to a woman who loves to dress classy but not overdone, who appreciates the design and color combination, who count with  us and put your trust in David Chrsitian, knowing that your dress will be special, take care of all details to go perfect and she will be the prettiest in the wedding

– What is the reason you began to design also for brides? 

  We started making wedding dresses as soon after the first collection of prom dresses, but really sice de Maria’s weddings, almost 6 years ago… Since Mary’s wedding was when we began to meet more people. Her wedding was published in  Telva Bride’s magazine and it was a bombshell because the dress was perfect and  she also had to leave home wearing a pair of sneakers because it had rained a lot. For years they have been asking for that dress. It caused a sensation so simple but well-cut.


– What is the difference between David Christian and the  other wedding dresses proposals that  we can find in the market? 

  David Christian is different from other proposals in the infinite of possibilities which the bride  has to make  the dress of her dreams, we advise her,  We tried on them  the pieces  of the dress  got to see  the effect of a dress according to what each wants .we finally got that look as if they were going out with the dress in that moment .


-The shooting of the new collection was held in New York ,how was the experience? Why did you choose  the city of dreams for this occasion? 

It was a decision that we made a few months ago, It made ​​us very excited to do the catalog in New York, This was our dream and finally  it comes true. There was an exciting experience, a great marathon because although we are designed  the locations in that big city it was a madness  we were very lucky with the weather and we went all well (we must be said that we get a great make-up artist).


-Essential for a Cocktail … 

A simple dress with beautiful cuts and not overdone


– If a dress you had to set the current time.. how would you do? 

Superfeminine … We are in a beautiful stage, with very flattering colours and fabrics with fall  like crepes that don’t  fail.


– Optimism and elegance mark the key  of the  spring summer collection. How is the collection of David Christian for this 2014? What are the  star fabrics this season? 

  The collection of this season has feminine cuts that favor all kinds of women, from the youngest to the oldest, they have crepes  with a great fall and also especially for  the consistency that enhances the figure but it doesn’t stick to the body.



– Where can we buy your collections? 

We just opened a store on Calle Almirante 18 which it’s very nice. It’s a cozy space in which women find themselves with extra attention and a friendly atmosphere. We designed it according our taste avoid being another shop more. Also in our shop you can see our collection on Manuela Minguez 11.

– And finally , where  would you like to see  your collections? Of course on the runways of Paris and New York, it would be our great hope.


Thanks to Paloma Chacón & María Roca fashion designers in David Christian for granting me this interview and show me their collections .


Paloma Chacón  & María Roca. Fashion designers in David Christian

maria roca y paloma chacon


Site: http://www.davidchristianmadrid.com/

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/DavidChristianMadrid