Tobel Lopes

We have chosen some powerful tunes for releasing our debut. We love rock n’ roll. We can’t deny it.

Tobel Lopes (born April 9, 1978) is a multi-instrumentalist singer, songwriter and producer born in Lisbon, Portugal.

Most widely recognized as the singer of the Portuguese rock band, Slamo, Tobel has been involved in multiple projects over the years, of which Orgasmo and SinDRomE (now Head Control System) are the most notorious.

Tobel has recently decided to develop his solo, self-named project making use of his talents as singer, drummer, guitarist and bassist, to compose and produce a debut EP which spans over a variety of genres such as rock, progressive, funk and metal.

The first two tracks to be featured on the EP, “Ominous” and “Beligerante”, are available at Tobel Lopes’ SoundCloud (, and on Facebook ( while the first video (for “Ominous”) is now in pre-production and will be released towards the end of the year.

Tobel is credited in or as been involved with:
As a singer:

  • Slamo – Room Without a View (Metro Discos) 2000
  • SinDRomE – Severe Damage on Reason and Equilibrium (Ep) Ins@ne Productions 2003
  • Orgasmo – Z (Vida Records) 2005

As guest singer:

  • Another C.O.W – Autre Boite de Vers (Ep) in the song (Slam The C.O.W) (Música Alternativa) 1997
  • Puk – Spes (Ep) in the song (Fire) 2004
  • Drifter – Pale Beauty (Ep) in the song (The Restless) 2006
  • Booster – Conceito – in the song (Se a sorte der uma mão) 2012

Now, just sit back and listen to it.