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Today I want you to introduce you the renowned Catalan designer Toni Francesc, a man who sees fashion as an art and a way of life.I had the pleasure to meet him this year at the Inauguration of space Hipotenûsa in Vigo, and for me it is an honor to show his fascinating career.

A man who seemed to have a target drawn on the design world. Toni grew up surrounded by fabrics and patchwork in the sewing  workshop of her mother. Currently showing their collections at Fashion Week in New York and Mexico, and also in the 080 in Barcelona. He has lectured on fashion and business management in some Mexican universities and has also participated in a panel discussion in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce-USA and Spain Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York.

Here you have the interview:

-Who is Toni Francesc?

A normal person who loves his work and he is dedicated to it all the time that he can.

– When and how started your interest in design?

Since my  childhood I lived surrounded by fabrics, patterns, pins, soaps … I also liked drawing, sewing buttons, go weak points. It was something I never thought and I ended up studying design and dedicate myself to this.

 – What is fashion for you?

For me it’s all, my lifestyle and my passion. It’s like a daughter or a mother.

 – From your point of view what lies the uniqueness of Spanish fashion?

There isn’t a singularity, in fashion there can not be. Every designer is different and at the same time offer each trend but no two are alike.

 – How would you define your style?

Elegant, feminine, structured to give much importance to the shape and pattern volumes, sight simple but complex in its development.

– How do you usually inspiration for your collections?

I really inspires the simplest things, human beings, their behavior, nature, natural elements. Any scene lived or imagined.

– How you create a collection?

Looking for a topic that you are attracted, investigate, marked development lines, make the structure of the collection, drawing, looking appropriate tissues or pinup patterns do, then pass to the show, until just makes straight and so on until close the collection and have finished.

– In your shows.. Do you tell a story?

Yes, in every collection I pretend to tell something. Stories help us to understand the world around us, in my collections are always wrapped in a script that I like to score from the beginning to the end, for me is like a book or a movie.

 – Design: art and functionality?


 – How would you define the difference between fashion and style?

Style is timeless and fashion is ephemeral

– How is the Toni Francesc woman?

Feminine, elegant, beautiful inside out simple and natural

– In an industry where every day  there is new designers. what is the contribution of Toni Francesc to the fashion world?

I feel different in many things but mainly emphasize on how to deal with the pattern and fabric, I think that no two designers alike, just as no two people are alike.

– The Spring-Summer 2010 “Water’s Mood” presented at New York Fashion Week paid tribute to water in all its variants. It was very shocking! As background music were drops water. Tell me… Do you care about that much for your staging parades?

I try to take care of everything, the content is as important as the essence, in a parade is staged and you can not forget anything and take care of all the details although sometimes,it seems insignificant. I have to convey to the audience that they are the protagonists of my story and integrate them fully as it was a play.

Although the focus is the collection and has to be above all (the script).

In my parade of “Water’s Mood” was the theme not only water but poetically wanted to say that water can feel like human beings because we are 70% water.

Then I did some parallels with the human and natural state of water, not scientific but philosophical, as stagnant water, flowing water etc … and in the staging also used those same arguments with a closely related and music video the issue to the point of being part of it. As the sound of dripping water mingled with the steps in the models.

– What can you tell us about your collection for Fall Winter 2012/2013 “Aeternus”? Why this name?

The name comes from the memories of my grandmother, especially grandparents and all the world who told us stories of his youth, thus was born my collection “Aeternus” I will never forget and will always be in our memories. And then I wrote some lines that were the essence of the collection.

“A reflection of light where before there was an eternal darkness.
Memories of childhood that appear and subtly fade.
Memories that are within one forever”

– What is the elegance or style for you?

The elegance is what leads one inside or not and style for me is the way to present it externally.

– Is there a future project or plan that you could share with us?

The opening in New York to the end of September of a space for the two brands which I manage, “Veneno en la Piel “and “Toni Francesc “in Trinity Place.

Toni Francesc and Amanda Chic

Toni Francesc and Amanda Chic

Toni Francesc has been so kind to dedicate a bit of his time and grant me an interview at the launch of its new Autumn / Winter 2012/2013 “Aeternus”. From here, I wish you success and continue to delight us with their designs and their hard work.

Amanda Chic for Van Der Love Magazine.

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