What have you done today to change the world? Create events for children with cancer

“It came to my mind that we could make a presentation about the Brazilian wildlife for the Mahak children at the hospital, here in Tehran.”

Sahar Verdi, Iran

Sahar Verdi works at the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and had been interested in helping Mahak – Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer (www.mahak-charity.org) for some time. The society, based in Tehran, has been growing as more people join to help (financially, producing events, etc.).

The perfect idea came to her when the embassy invited the Brazilian photographer Ricardo Martins (www.ricardomartins.org) to show his work at the Brazilian Week, in December 2014. After listening to his astonishing stories and experiences, Sahar proposed a presentation for the hospitalized children so they could get to know a little more about Brazil’s nature and beauty and the great Amazon jungle.

Both the embassy and the Mahak society were enthusiastic about her idea, and the event took place that same week. Sahar was the translator, as she also speaks Portuguese. The show was a great success among the children, who attentively absorbed all the information provided about wild animals and their lives.

This valuable work will have continuity, though, and both countries will collaborate in organizing exhibitions of nature drawings by children suffering from cancer. The main purpose is to provide the little ones with due care, affection and environmental education, and also to encourage more people to join charities such as the Mahak society.

. What have you done today to change the world? .

by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira