Teresa Helbig and Amanda Chic

Saturday afternoon began with the catwalk of  Teresa Helbig, Where she presented a sophisticated  and Chic collection, clothes for a very female woman with  personality and punchy, a modern woman.


Pieces made with crochet, silk and white piqué. A collection inspired by the hedonism of the 70s, Jane Birkin and the legendary studio 54, to add a touch of sophistication naif and sexy to her collection. White has been the key color of the line and, thanks to that, the designs have gained in sophistication.

6.teresa helbig


The designer was inspired by a trip to the American East Coast. From the preppy of the Hamptons declined in jeans and white cotton to the sensuality of the Mexican city of Tulum, with long dresses or chiffon crochet in black or white. I think it is a success the  incorporating of  denim in her garments.


Congratulations to Teresa Helbig for her collection. I hope you liked it and if you have the opportunity one day to attend any of her shows.. don’t doubt it!, you will love it .


Driving with Style ” MINI john COOPER works event”

A few days ago I experienced fashion mounted on a Mini Cooper “John Cooper Works”. I love carrying  the most versatile world of fashion to other fields that ever could have imagined, in this case, cars.

In the morning we had a day at the dealership “Celtamotor” in Vigo directed exclusively to the press, among the attendees, I had the privilege of covering the event for VDL Magazine, where we could share with the Spanish Rally Pilot “Nani Roma” Dakar Rally winner in 2004 among many other awards. And in the evening they open to the public,  and we can enjoy a cocktail in the famous “Beach Club Nigrán”.

The extreme thrill of driving a Mini which you can experience at the wheel of 7 models, each with their own personality and the promise of that special feeling of competition in everyday driving. An elegant and sophisticated car.

With “Nani Roma”

I had the opportunity to have a JCW Mini Hatch kindly put at my disposal in Celtamotor Vigo, so I try it, the truth is that I enjoy  it so much. Personally, I love sport driving “John Cooper Works.” Inside JCW  their standard equipment radiates elegance. This model was pleasantly surprised by its beauty and technology (all  the intelligent systems  which offere), with leather seats making the stay comfortable inside the cabin.


With “Maria Maroto” responsible for MINI Corporate Communications at BMW Group Spain.


One of the things I value most when i’m looking for a car, among others, it’s the design. I love the idea that we have the ability to fully customize the Mini Cooper to go in harmony with your personality and lifestyle, and so do our car unique and custom made. All this is possible thanks to John Cooper Works Tuning with a wide range of equipment and accessories, where we can customize from the body, sports seats to the stitching of the interior and upholstery. Being able to customize your vehicle to your liking, I think is fundamental, since often in automotive supply is more limited and less creative.

They have made cars with  Louis Vuitton’s bodywork and upholstery , so you decide how you want your car, it all depends on your budget and your style. You choose the equipment and accessories. The motorsport meets lifestyle, providing a thrilling drive and an unmistakable style with John Cooper Works.

“Nani Roma”

They have recently launched the exclusive model Mini John Cooper Works GP with only 2000 units on the market, a limited edition, with more equipment and motor sport technology application.

Also, if you enter  in minicooper website:, you can take a look at your page, where you can purchase t-shirts Mini Cooper with a sophisticated design. I’m in love with your sneakers! So lovely !

Thanks to Maria Maroto, Mini Cooper Spain and the dealer Celtamotor for the invitation, for making  possible this experience and for taking care of even the smallest details. When did you tell that we could repeat?