ModaLisboa – The Timers // Day 3

Nuno Gama


“In the last edition of ModaLisboa, we sailed to the Cape of Good Hope. This season, we face the sea monster head on with a strong urge to be tied to the helm.” In this Spring/Summer 2016 collection, Nuno Gama uses as inspiration the sail Portuguese did around the Cape of Good Hope, in search of the incredible Africa, and across the immense Indian Ocean to the silent Asian beauty of blossoming almond trees, using all that Portuguese saw in this travel as elements of his design. Along with this, he recovered Dandyism, through tailor-made, personalized and unique pieces where we see the permanence of luxury and color, and the renewal of the everlasting classics, that is present on the shirts, ribbons, kerchiefs and ties.

Filipe Faísca


Filipe Faísca presents “Now”, a collection that represents the strength we have to experience life that is in a constant change, with all of our uncertainties, dreams and social demands. But in the end, we will arrive where we are supposed to. This concept translated into the collection in a fluid, oversize and layered silhouette in materials such as silk, viscose, neoprene, leather and lace. The colors used in “Now” were mid-day white, eclipse black, desert dust, apple green, jade blue and coral.



“Invitation for coffee” is the collection Lidija Kolovrat presented for Spring/Summer 2016. She uses her childhood memories and experiences as inspiration for this collection: the “patterns” left by the coffee in the bottom of the cup and the women who talked about these stains, foreseeing happenings and life situations which improved Lidija’s connection with the Universe and the meanings of its abstract nature. The silhouettes resulted of the combination between the abstract and the composition of worked circular shapes and refined “classical” lines, evolving into monochromatic tones of black and white, with a touch of blue, introduced through the original artworks of coffee elements.

Nadir Tati


“Souls of Africa” is a homage to all African women that, regardless of the perception of a general underdevelopment, there is a class that wants to ascend to a better quality of life and ensure a future position of the woman, doing that association through the design, glamour, style and art of fashion that is produced in Africa to a luxury international market. The collection results in simple and fluid lines, with a fusion of fabrics – lace, organza, silk and traditional African super wax – and textures – stones and embroidery placed by hand – in black, red and gold dresses.

Pedro Pedro


Pedro Pedro presented “The lady in question” where the result is a bet on a divergence of shapes and materials coming from a brutalist solution, creating an informal but no less sophisticated look. The silhouettes are sinuous and elegant, with draperies effects and raw finishes. The materials go along with the contrasting vision, having opted for materials such as satin, jersey of silk and cotton which combine with nets and abstract lace that reinforce the unfinished look. The colors go from blue marine to brique, passing by black and white. The shoes are a fundamental piece of the Pedro Pedro collection: colorful, with irregular broidery and handmade braids with fabrics strips.

Piotr Drzal


Piotr Drzal presented his Men Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The result was a collection that distinguishes for its apparent simplicity, easiness and modesty, with clean lines where is visible an urban and sporty inspiration. The colors present in the collection were khaki, red, white, midnight blue, grey, army green and black.

Aleksandar Protic


Aleksandar Protic presented “Goddesses”, a collection that resulted in fluid and soft silhouettes, with a mixed of draped and more structured forms in materials such as cotton, mix. cotton/linen, silk, viscose and polyester. The colors used were off white, pearl, olive and black.

Dino Alves


“My process – diary of a collection” is a collection inspired in the process of creating a collection or any other creative/artistic project that involves sketching, annotating, erasing, crumpling primary ideas, testing color combinations, shapes, dialogues that one often abandons but that help us to get to what we want to show. Dino Alves’ collection resulted in a silhouette that is Irregular with linear, poorly defined contours, fluid and structured in the same piece through tissue manipulation with random pleats that shrink parts of the shapes, with hems either very long and/or very short. The materials used were silk, cotton, viscose, linen, silk organza, cotton voiles, satin, cool wool, cupro and polyester in colors such as white, black, blue, red, dry green, pale pink, pearl, nude and multi-colored details.

All photos are copyright protected: Rui Vasco/ModaLisboa

Dolores Cortés Interview

Today we interviewed the  Swimwear designer and business woman Dolores Cortés.Dolores Cortés is a company with over 50 years of experience in the swimwear industry being one of the first Spanish company that was created dedicated to swimwear. In addition, all clothing of the collections fit the different sizes of individually.Her designs can be found in countries such as France, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, UK, Mexico, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany…

A brand of solidarity, which has donated some of their profits from the collection to DC Kids Down Syndrome Association of Miami (Florida).

Currently is a leader in the sector with a high component of their product design and great quality derived from a high demand.

– How did your interest in the world of fashion?

My interest in the fashion world was born with me, since my mother started the first company in our country known craft. I was raised among fabrics, swimwear and sewing machines, combining my studies first and then with my other profession.

– What is your leitmotif?

I like the creativity, diversity and I love to take new challenges.

– The model Alba Carrillo, the hostess of Glamour TV  has worn in some of their designs. How does it feel when celebrities choose Dolores Cortes?

It feels the healthy pride of having done something to like and interesting to others. At celebrities because they are known and appear in the media, but I’m proud that my swimsuits also like them to women who maintain their anonymity.

– Bikini or Swimsuit?

I always say that the two things, like sometimes we dress skirt and other with pants, depends on the time and at our discretion. Anyway, we are in a time of increased prominence of the swimsuit, after a time wheneverything was bikini. I like change.

– Has collaborated with the Spanish designing costumes for the Olympics. How did this collaboration?

We started working with them in the Olympic games of Sanghai. Then we proposed to make the Olympics. I supposed to assume a lot of work, but it was a wonderful experience, both in the professional and personally. They are a lovely girls.

– In Dolores Cortés you can  find a wide variety of collections for all types of women, from lines for Moms through quality swimsuits technically studied to give an image  of one or two size less, from the most fashionable bikinis to the child swiw wear  (Dolores Cortés Beachwear, Catwalk, Shape Swim, Mum, Win, Kids) . What is  the style of Dolores Cortés ?

Dolores Cortés is directed to any woman who wants to look pretty with swimwear and the same for their children. Think  that we are specialized in fashion swimwear and in this product we invest all our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. All we do is in the swimwear and we cover all segments.

 -Where do you find your inspiration?

 In this collection of 2013 we have developed several trends:

Color explosion. Stimulating, attractive young

Vintage sailor: Environment sailor

Bhairava: Inspiration Paisley positioned drawings.

On the catwalk of Madrid presented the most ethnically collection, inspired by ancient cultures of the American Caribbean. Specifically, we collaborated with the Wayuú tribe of Guajira. Inspired by his craft, graphics and colors,  we created this  collection very plastic and vibrant. This forms the collection D.C. Gateway this summer. Our line more special.

-A style icon.

I’m not very prone to create me icons. I think that anyone who proposes it, well advised and with a mirror where you can look in yourself, you can have great style.

– The International Fashion Fair FIMI which did homage to  her career during the 77th edition of the children’s fashion catwalk that each year takes place in Valencia. What do feel about this recognition?

Actually the homage was addressed to my mother, but I accompanied and participated in it. It’s very endearing and important recognize your work, much more if it is in your home. It was very exciting for my mother and, by extension, for me.

 – Dolores Cortés was in catwalks like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Fashion. How was the experience in Miami?

We was three editions. This will be the fourth and is a very rewarding experience to be invited to show your collection in the first U.S. catwalk. Moreover because you see that they appreciate your work and consider us each year  better   as a brand and  they offer us better opportunities for the parade.

– Where can we buy your clothes?

We have some stores in the C. Valencia, we are in multi-brand stores and corners of the top department stores. We also have a very attractive online store.

 Thank you so Much to Dolores Cortés for sharing with me a minutes of her time and grant me this interview.


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