Tina Lobondi Fashion Interview




Congolese born Tina Lobondi is an international Fashion Designer and young entrepreneur, with over 7 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Tina Lobondi established her eponymous label in Notting Hill. Her collections are based on exceptional attention to details and finish, classic and chic designs.

Elegance with timeless style is the aim she wants to achieve. The fabrics and materials are sourced from all around the world, Mauritania to Paris and London. Her designs are really comtemporary Chic and with a high quality design.

The company’s Made-to order service offers you the possibility of choosing your designs and fabrics, to create individually crafted One-Off pieces all Made in London. Tina lobondi is on her way to become a regular name in the elite of African designers.


-How do you remember your start in the fashion world?

When I starting, things were very different. There wasn’t as many african prints around and it was difficult to start on my own. My will to learn was very strong.

– How do you get the inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everything, friends, family, observing people, movies, etc…

– Your ‘UPTOWN AFRICA’ collection showcased at Mercedez Benz Fashion Week Africa notably captured international fashion media including Vogue Italia and Fashion TV , and your clientele includes Grammy Award winner and New York based singer Angelique Kidjo, London based singer Lianne La Havas and “Eastenders” actresses  Shona McGarty and Hetti Bywater.What does it mean for you?

It is very satisfying to hear people appreciate your work. I am very thankful to God for all these blessings. I love working with celebrities, they always teach you something new.

– What differentiates Tina Lobondi’s proposals from other fashion designers that we can find in the market?

The Tina Lobondi brand took time to build. I want to create classic pieces that could be worn in 10 years time. People appreciate the quality and that is very important to me.




-Do you have any muse?

I have many muses, stylish and glamorous women who are comfortable with their bodies. Style icons such as Grace Kelly or Sophia Lauren.


– If  you have to describe the current situation of the Fashion World in your country with a dress . how would you do it?

I would probably create a gown because no matter what is happening in the world, people like to dream about beautiful things.

-What can we expect in your upcoming collection?

The collection will keep his identity, chic, glamour and girly.



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– The designer’s work has been published in various magazines and TV Channels including Marie-Claire and ELLE Magazine South-Africa, British Soap Awards, LOOK Magazine, OK Magazine, and BBC Africa. Can you talk more about it?

I would like to keep the details of my next show until later. All I can say is, it will represent what I have worked on since the beginning. We are still looking for sponsors and investors at the moment.

-Where can we buy your clothes?

You can buy our clothes from our website www.tinalobondi.com, where you can also find the list of all our stockists.

-And finally a dream to be done.

I hope to dress Angelina Jolie one day.



Fan page:https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tina-Lobondi/103208720352?fref=ts


Zuzana Kralova Fashion Interview

KRALOVA_Design is the brand of the Czech designer Zuzana Kralova. Kralova is committed to innovation and differentiation, with collections designed to the catwalk,  and a clear inspiration in the art world, but also with garments that can be used for day to day wearing. Clothes that leverage cuts, concepts and solutions developed for prototypes, although adapted to a different use being the result of a thorough study of the body. And i can confirm that her designs fit very well to the bodies , because i have the privilege of wearing one of her creations to attend the last Lisbon Fashion Week.

The brand’s mission is to satisfy the need for exprression through the garment.


-How do you remember your start in the fashion world?
My grad mother was a dressmaker, so I grew up playing with patterns and garments, quite soon, at 15, i decided to follow my studies in Art and Fashion.
– How do you get the inspiration?
Everywhere, art, the streets, my own world..
– What differentiates Kralova’s design proposals from other fashion designers that we can find in the market?
Well, I have being raised in Central Europe but I lived mainly in Spain, I think that influences my vision blending uniquely the form and the color, I do not follow trends which means that is highly unlikely that you see my designs concepts somewhere else, everything I do just follow my instinct
-You have shown your collections on Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week. How was the experience?
It was fantastic, hard work but pays off, an opportunity to show your designs to a high level audience and raise your own standards
– You were finalist at Brilliance Talent Award, finalist to the National Design Award in the Czech Republic, and in 2013 you got the
Special Price in contest of Young Designers in Madrid .What does it mean for you?
I have mixed feelings about contests, winning or being finalist helps your career, you get exposure, improves your CV as designer, but at the same time it is a distraction on your way
 -Do you have any muse?
As a person not really, if you talk about designers, definitely Balenciaga, Margiella or Alexander Wang right now,
– If  you have to describe the current situation of the Fashion World in your country with a dress . how would you do it?
Nice and smart question, talking about the Czech Republic it will be a gown, because Chequia is forgeting the rigidness of the past, and gowns are quite ethereal, and talking about Spain it will be a skort , skirt and short together, which shows the blurring frontiers of the masculine/feminine concepts, being also a funny garment adequate for leaving away an economic recession
-What can we expect in your upcoming collection?
Last collection was Bohemicca, men’s collection for spring/summer 2014 inspired by my native Bohemia, where constructivists forms are the space to natural and rustic fabrics to contrast with the color and texture of the Mediterranean, next collection will be autum/winter for both men and women around a topic that I have been working on for some time.
– Where can we buy your clothes?
On line at www.kralovadesign.com and in quite a number of marketplaces in internet, in physical stores in Prague like Gallery Novesta, Czech Labels, Hardecore or LOAT in Madrid, others are coming soon.
kralova_bohemicca-8 kralova_bohemicca-9
-And finally a dream to be done.
Share my work with a never ending growing number of people

Gregory and Sylvia Fashion Interview

Today we want to introduce you Gregory and Sylvia, a Brand of accesories and bags with Chic Designs and high quality ítems.

-Tell us about your company?

Gregory and Sylvia was started with the notion to create a beautiful designs for women ( and men with expansio). We also wanted to use our skills to built something together. Those that already know us know that Gregory and Sylvia is not a single designer, but we are a husband and a wife team , and Sylvia is my wife Terri’s middle name.

We work with each other and use each others strenghts to make things happen.

unnamed (1)

– So what are your individual strenghts?

When people ask about our roles in our company and our strengths , we tell them that  I (Gregory) and the “right brain” and the Terri is the “left brain”. My strenghts are centered on the creative process, art , design, and visual cues while Terri’s strenghts are some of the other important necessities of any business such as the finances and numbers planning and organizing. While she often helps with designing and I help with planning, we know our strenghts and lean on each other to cover our weaknesses.

-Why did you decided to make your own Brand?

We were both business minded and we wanted to do something together. Terri was fond of handbags and I enjoyed designing so we decided to marge our passions to create and build something together.


– How would you drescribe Gregory Sylvia’s Brand of styles?

We would describe the Gregory and  Sylvia Brand of styles as “executive chic” . Our Brand is focused on the expression of power in an elegant way.



Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/ShopGregorySylvia

Site : http://gregorysylvia.com/




Ria H. Faragova from Dressign Fashion Interview

 unnamed (1)

Dressign is a new clothing label, presenting accessible, versatile and with unique products designed by Ria H. Faragova. Every piece in their on-line store can be specially tailor-made to suit your requirements. They are focusing on the fresh outlook of streetwear in the form of easy, comfortable and casual clothes for both daytime and evening wear, which can be worn at work and during leisure time and also ethically and ecologically manufactured in Europe

We enter into the gorgeous world of Ria H. Faragova , an Slovakia Fashion Designer with a unique style with tailor- made streetwear clothings.Dressign

unnamed (2)

– You studied Architecture. How do you start in the fashion world?

After I graduated from the university I decided I was going to blend the creativity and skills which i  learned during my studies of Architecture with the sewing and designing skills I have as my hobby. I have this hobby for a long time and make a lot of clothes for me and my friends during the high school years.

unnamed (4)

– When did you decide to create your own brand?

After the first positive feedbacks on my first pieces which i  sold online, I kept getting more and more orders and I realised people liked my work and I was loving what I was doing. It seemed for me  the perfect combination to create an own brand.

-Do you remember the first piece that you create?

Yes I remember very good . It is our bestseller, the boat neck shrug. It was created during one evening, at first I was thinking to make a new design for a cardigan, but during the process came up this idea of the asymmetrical shrug pattern , and I liked it.

unnamed (3)

– How do you get the inspiration?

I get my inspiration from different places. Sometimes it’s from nature and sometimes it’s from architecture and geometry.

– Your shop is also stocked three times a year with limited edition collection available only during a short time frame. How do you define the Dressing’s style ?

Dressign‘s style is an urban, streetstyle with an original pattern and  comfortable pieces which also can be tailor made to fit all the body shapes.

unnamed (4)

– If you hadn’t been a fashion designer. what would you like to be?

If I hadn’t tried to start Dressign after graduating, I would be still a full time architect.

– Where can we buy your clothes? 

These are available online on dressign.com and in some boutiques in Europe


Photo: Goldschnee http://goldschnee.blogspot.sk/ and Julia http://xthecoldfrontx.tumblr.com/

-And finally, A dream to be done?

We are dreaming a lot ! Soon we are going to launch a  collection of bags and accesories, and sportwear, designed all by me.

 Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/dressign.look

 Site : http://www.dressign.com/

David Christian Fashion Interview


Today I want to introduce the Spanish brand David Christian, created in 2000, after which they are Paloma Chacon and Maria Roca, mother and daughter, which form a perfect team .David Christian is a perfect option for bridesmaids and guests who want to be dressed elegantly demonstrating their own style but without fanfare or frilly, a youthful, stylish and sophisticated woman.

David Christian is a spanish fashion brand company of clothing made to measure and  which can combine cuts, fabrics and patterns that suits every body, without leave the  craftsmanship.

We enter the exciting world of a brand which has conquered many women’s wardrobes , and that I personally love.





– How were your beginnings in the world of fashion?

We started 14 years ago by our designs based on the style that we like. At first we just design casual or sport clothes, but we realized there was a gap in the segment of dresses for weddings guests, bridesmaids and of course brides.


– How do you get the inspiration?

We inspire each collection exclusively on how we see our clients, we think that in designs and cuts which can favor our clientes, and we know from our experience, that you feel well,  when you are all combined with a colorful mix that you never imagine that it’s cool.



– Do you remember the first piece or garment which you created ? 

  Yes, it was a sport jacket which was completely  a basic garment during a long time. Of course,  we quickly made ​​the dress version.


– What kind of woman goes David Christian? 

David  Christian goes to a woman who loves to dress classy but not overdone, who appreciates the design and color combination, who count with  us and put your trust in David Chrsitian, knowing that your dress will be special, take care of all details to go perfect and she will be the prettiest in the wedding

– What is the reason you began to design also for brides? 

  We started making wedding dresses as soon after the first collection of prom dresses, but really sice de Maria’s weddings, almost 6 years ago… Since Mary’s wedding was when we began to meet more people. Her wedding was published in  Telva Bride’s magazine and it was a bombshell because the dress was perfect and  she also had to leave home wearing a pair of sneakers because it had rained a lot. For years they have been asking for that dress. It caused a sensation so simple but well-cut.


– What is the difference between David Christian and the  other wedding dresses proposals that  we can find in the market? 

  David Christian is different from other proposals in the infinite of possibilities which the bride  has to make  the dress of her dreams, we advise her,  We tried on them  the pieces  of the dress  got to see  the effect of a dress according to what each wants .we finally got that look as if they were going out with the dress in that moment .


-The shooting of the new collection was held in New York ,how was the experience? Why did you choose  the city of dreams for this occasion? 

It was a decision that we made a few months ago, It made ​​us very excited to do the catalog in New York, This was our dream and finally  it comes true. There was an exciting experience, a great marathon because although we are designed  the locations in that big city it was a madness  we were very lucky with the weather and we went all well (we must be said that we get a great make-up artist).


-Essential for a Cocktail … 

A simple dress with beautiful cuts and not overdone


– If a dress you had to set the current time.. how would you do? 

Superfeminine … We are in a beautiful stage, with very flattering colours and fabrics with fall  like crepes that don’t  fail.


– Optimism and elegance mark the key  of the  spring summer collection. How is the collection of David Christian for this 2014? What are the  star fabrics this season? 

  The collection of this season has feminine cuts that favor all kinds of women, from the youngest to the oldest, they have crepes  with a great fall and also especially for  the consistency that enhances the figure but it doesn’t stick to the body.



– Where can we buy your collections? 

We just opened a store on Calle Almirante 18 which it’s very nice. It’s a cozy space in which women find themselves with extra attention and a friendly atmosphere. We designed it according our taste avoid being another shop more. Also in our shop you can see our collection on Manuela Minguez 11.

– And finally , where  would you like to see  your collections? Of course on the runways of Paris and New York, it would be our great hope.


Thanks to Paloma Chacón & María Roca fashion designers in David Christian for granting me this interview and show me their collections .


Paloma Chacón  & María Roca. Fashion designers in David Christian

maria roca y paloma chacon


Site: http://www.davidchristianmadrid.com/

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/DavidChristianMadrid