“Daughters of the Sun” Chiyo




CHIYO is a  fashion brand which presents a collection of shoes, accessories and women’s clothing, daring and original, with a distinctive touch that adds a lot of style to each piece.


The asymmetry and geometry is the central concept of Isabel Lam, the designer  of Chiyo, inspired in each collection with diverse influences  from the eccentric street style of Japan to the modern architecture of Australia, Melbourne, where the designer currently resides.








Photograpgy : Jose Bugallo. Vep Gestiones Integral de Eventos

Stylist: Hairstyle and make up by Carolina Lagoa. So Chic Peluquería

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Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/shopchiyo?fref=ts

Wedding meets senses by Franco Quintáns



This Saturday I had the pleasure of attending the “Wedding meets senses” event in the spectacular Pazo Baión (Vilanova de Arosa), an innovative and open  idea to approach the world of weddings through the senses, by the  Galician Fashion Designer  Franco Quintáns and  the the  division of Groups Ruta  Xacobea.

We began the experience with a visit to the wine Cellar, where they did the exclusive Albariño “Pazo Baión” followed by a commented  wine tasting .


To close this sensory journey, Grupo Ruta Jacobea, a company that handles events in Baión Manor hosted a cocktail in which were present proposals submitted by the  bridal pastry Queens of Cakes.


A closed and interactive performance where we could touch the designs that made the collection of the designer, a different and attractive way to show couples who intend to marry, some key pieces to create a special and unique day.


Without doubt, a special night designed to unleash the creativity of your special day!



Congratulations to Franco Quintáns with this new project  which has been a success.


Lenita Burman’s Fashion Interview


Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lenita Burman, a business woman and designer, with a career   of more than 25 years in the fashion world, and in command of one of the leading Spanish companies in Europe in the field of lingerie and swimwear.


Lenita came to the Canary Islands from Sweden with only six years, and since then her life has been somewhere between the two countries.   They are influences of those trips and knowledge of the world that has gained Lenita, which has always kept the flame of inspiration, which is reflected in more than 30 collections of swimwear  which was successfully introduced on the market. And is that what began as a young girl selling bikinis on the beach, it  has become today in an industry that up to cruising speed.

The designer presents every season a  revolution  of bikinis and bright vivid designs.

In 2011 Lenita makes its first entrance into the world of sportswear, creating  Lenita Street, a clothing line that has been established in the market, and in summer 2012  she launched a  low-cost  swimwear line, Lenita Basic , designed to attract a younger audience.

– How did you start your own career in fashion?

I started in this for need and  the necessity sharpen our wits. I wanted to study veterinary medicine, but I had to live many years in the Canaries and my parents wanted to send me to  a college in Stockholm, where the career was subsidised. I was here my life, my friends … I wasn’t thinking in professional development … and less in this sector. I had seen my mother who was a seamstress, so sacrificed to output her clients orders …. but that professsion that she taught me, it  gave me the opportunity to stay and stay, at first as little more than a hobby, selling bikinis on the beach to the acquaintances, and then when the thing grew as a business opportunity.


– How is the woman that wears  Lenita?

For all types of women. No need to have a specific age, but a spirit sexy, daring and cosmopolitan.


– What is your leitmotiv?

Live  the moment: carpe diem.

– Do you remember the first piece  that you created?

Yes … I have the exact image in my head. It was a very sexy swimsuit type shirt, high in the  hips. It was a boom that  was copied until the exhaustion on Canarian beaches.


– What drives your designs?

I am inspired by everything. It can be a music, a headdress, a wrapper, a landscape or even as a coolhunter with a look which some people wear in the cities or the beaches ..

– Do you have any muse?

No. I have been asked many times … but I’m not particularly a fan of anyone or anything in particular while I’m a fan of all … I find beauty and inspiration through multiple visions of people and things.


– How important are the trends in your collections?

For every designer trends are important. The thing about the swimwear is that having to prepare everything with at least one year in advance, (technical specifications, prototypes, photos …) is the fashion industry that goes back always about them … Usually the swimwear has a gap of one year from the rest. Now, with the arrival of the Prontomoda, trends suggest  you more for where you have to go, but still sometimes you’re late … and very dangerous trends being ahead of myself … I was wrong in some collection. The masses are the currents and it’s very difficult to draw the pattern on your own if you go down a different way.

– What is the city you find most inspiring?

Undoubtedly, London.

– What or who has significantly influenced your career?

The truth is that more than one person, I have been influenced by two trends, and the  fashion of the Brazilian and Californian beach. My collections are halfway between the two, you might say.

– What is the fabric or material most usually work in your collection?

Stretch fabric …. a mixture of polyamide with lycra or spandex.

– What  can we see next season in  Lenita’s collection? Can you give us a preview?

We have already presented the collection on the catwalk. The Lenita are always striking and versatile collections that cater to different types of women. So my 2014 collection is divided into five main lines combine romantic  rockers, urban, surfer and hippie-chic. The brightness and fluor, trend of the season, come together in a collection that stands out for its variety of designs and original prints. I hope you like it.


Thank you so much to Lenita for grant me this interview.

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Lenita.CanariasChoice


Roberto Verino’s Interview

 Manuel Roberto Fernández Mariño, this Galician better known as Roberto Verino, is one of the  most  prestigious spanish designers with international impact . He has over 30 years delighting us with his ​​fashion designs for men and women, supplementing with his lines of accessories, eyewear, perfumes, ceramics and tableware.

Besides fashion, he has other passions, among which  is the wine. The fashion designer  produces Terra do Gargalo a wine with Monterrey certificate of origin (Galicia) ,which has started selling in the United States.

Great Catwalks, participations in prestigious salons in Paris, Milan or Monte Carlo. Among many other awards include, ” Aguja de Oro” for best creator of the season,  awards “T” Telva, “Gold Medal for Fine Arts” best collection Cibeles catwalk or Man of the Year, awarded both for his work as designer and entrepreneur.

We are going to know more about the fascinating career of this Galician Fashion Designer who has conquered the fashion world.

– What were your beginnings in the world of fashion?

I was studying in Paris what I thought my true calling, painting, as a happy accident, fashion appeared in my life. At that time, it was very common for us (art students) to won some francs  drawing for  houses of  Prêt-a-porter … What began as a small side adventure ended becoming my true profession. With everything I learned in Paris,  I returned to Verin, and with the help of my family, I transformed a small business of my parents in a true Spanish fashion Brand.

– Why Verino?

There was a long tradition in the  Middle of the Ages of the  craftsmen which consist in put as a  surname the place or school from which they came .. I though that it  perfectly suited to the traditions of the Camino de Santiago, which was a nice custom that was in my hands  to raise, so that in the middle ages would have to be Robert de Verin or Robert the Verin, now would be Roberto Verino ..

 – How is the man and the woman of  Roberto Verino?

I like to think that they are women and men of our time. Qualified professionals who dress because they know that their profession requires them to be dressed in the right way, but modern. I try to share with them a set of values ​​in which I believe strongly, such as the quality, sustainability and concern for fashion without falling into their victimhood or extravagance.

– Galicia …  Does it inspire you? How do you encourage your creativity?

The inspiration for the designers is overall long time ago … The inspiration is in China today and tomorrow in Mexico, in the twenties today and tomorrow in the sixties .. The influence of my country about my work is more subtle, is in a certain personality, in knowing that, even above the “fashion notes” is the style of the designer. Although it seems magic, it works. My clothes regardless of the season which they correspond, it has always an unmistakable way, that a good expert or even a good hobbyist,  found it when you see it on the street. That’s a “Roberto Verino” … it’s what is  showing that there is my style.

In 1982 you created your first collection of  female Pretà-Porter. What prompted you to launch a menswear collection?

In the current development of the fashion business, the creation and maintenance of a brand requires an enormous intellectual and economical effort, therefore, to keep almost all the designers in the world are diversifying their product. Unless you are not interested, or feel unable, who start designing  men  clothes, end up making woman fashion and who becomes  making woman, ends up making men fashion . The only condition of the extension of the product is that each and every one of their lines are consistent with the philosophy of the Brand.

 – In 1982 he creates his first collection Pret-à-Porter female. What prompted you to launch a menswear collection?

In the current development of the fashion business, the creation and maintenance of a brand requires an enormous intellectual and economical effort, therefore, to keep almost all the designers in the world are diversifying their product. Unless you are not interested, or feel unable, who start designing  men  clothes, end up making woman fashion and who becomes  making woman, ends up making men fashion . The only condition of the extension of the product is that each and every one of their lines are consistent with the philosophy of the Brand.

– What materials do you usually use in your collections?

I started to be a champion, almost propagandistic  of the linen, not only because during the early eighties was very fashionable, or because I felt compelled romantically with a fiber  linked since ancient to Galicia, but because their difference clearly marked “distance” to the  taut’s fabrics  that preceded the time of ” softness”. But fashion can not lock you into a single color, in one shape or fabric, fashion changes “external” and “internal” in a relentless way, if you do not adapt, the international concert leaves you offside.

– For several years you have combined your work as a designer with the world of viticulture. How did your approach to the world of wine? What is the occupation which one you enjoy more with the creation of fashion or the world of wine?

In the first time, the  wine adventure was also almost an adventure, a game, I might almost say exaggerating a bit, which was the amusement that separated me from the golf … but slowly the game caught me and force me to take it every time more seriously. Although they seem completely separate worlds, both are pronounced the same words: work, rigor, seriousness, and above all passion for  the quality to be really different, a key condition to ascend to your place in a very competitive world … 

– The Xunta de Galicia awarded  you with the Castelao Medal, the highest cultural distinction of Galicia. What does this recognition mean to you?

It was a huge illusion, not only because all the prizes, and especially if they are very prestigious, as is the case, praise my vanity or objectively recognize the efforts of an entire team, but because the reward of  a fashion designer,they were recognizing our commitment to other ways of understanding culture. A full award of names of writers, artists, and entrepreneurs “serious” … to recognize a fashion designer,  transcends the  just joy of the person who receives it. Feel precisely that they are recognizing his entire profession.

– The young line has its own design department where young designers work . Why have you decided to bet for the Young talents?

It is the only way not to “grow old” … Even if you’re constantly traveling, and of course all aware of what is happening in your world, young blood is able to see things that you do not see or see things differently. Refusing to accept that evidence is to accelerate your isolation.

-In 1998 found with Jesus del Pozo, Antonio Pernas, Angel Schlesser and Modesto Lomba the association of Creators of Fashion  in Spain. Whence arises the idea of ​​the association?

Our friend Enrique Loewe had invited us to spend a few days in Granada enjoying the international festival of Music and Dance of that city with the aim of  meeting us to talk in a place relaxed of our interests, our ambitions and our problems … There arose the idea to partner as a way of asserting publicly our professional interests. I, who had already founded more than a professional association of fashion designers, I thought this last would be the definitive, and of moment seems that we have not wrong …

 – How is the current situation of  the Spanish fashion?

We live in a time of a massive contraction in demand, a phenomenon that in one way or another affects everyone, but it is neither the first time nor the last that lean cycle happen a cycle of plenty. My strategy is to study thoroughly that things can be done better with less resources. The slogan is to stand the test of downpour, then the wind has stopped us is the same as us forward … “sailor tricks”.

 – What can you tell us about your collection for Spring-Summer 2013?

It is a collection full of color, full of life, full of an invitation to pleasure, precisely because as the old saying goes Castilian, a brave face. It is a personal decision, the commitment to the international fashion trend, probably because he thinks are past the worst of the crisis, and like a magic trick, the “effects” have to produce the “causes”. I hope this pleasure of living help revive demand …

 – Where can we buy your clothes?

In more than one hundred shops located on the best streets in the best cities, not to mention all the boutiques themselves in all places of “El Corte Ingles”.

 – A dream to fulfill.

Out of this international financial impasse in which we find ourselves and get  an international distribution proportional to what we have already achieved in Spain. I would like to retire  me with 50 stores in the best streets of the best cities in the world. That is my dream.


 Thanks to Roberto Verino for giving me a few minutes of his time and granting me this interview. Today I leave you,  not before saying that the Galician fashion across local and international borders.

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/RobertoVerino?fref=ts


Dolores Cortés Interview

Today we interviewed the  Swimwear designer and business woman Dolores Cortés.Dolores Cortés is a company with over 50 years of experience in the swimwear industry being one of the first Spanish company that was created dedicated to swimwear. In addition, all clothing of the collections fit the different sizes of individually.Her designs can be found in countries such as France, Portugal, Andorra, Italy, UK, Mexico, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia, Germany…

A brand of solidarity, which has donated some of their profits from the collection to DC Kids Down Syndrome Association of Miami (Florida).

Currently is a leader in the sector with a high component of their product design and great quality derived from a high demand.

– How did your interest in the world of fashion?

My interest in the fashion world was born with me, since my mother started the first company in our country known craft. I was raised among fabrics, swimwear and sewing machines, combining my studies first and then with my other profession.

– What is your leitmotif?

I like the creativity, diversity and I love to take new challenges.

– The model Alba Carrillo, the hostess of Glamour TV  has worn in some of their designs. How does it feel when celebrities choose Dolores Cortes?

It feels the healthy pride of having done something to like and interesting to others. At celebrities because they are known and appear in the media, but I’m proud that my swimsuits also like them to women who maintain their anonymity.

– Bikini or Swimsuit?

I always say that the two things, like sometimes we dress skirt and other with pants, depends on the time and at our discretion. Anyway, we are in a time of increased prominence of the swimsuit, after a time wheneverything was bikini. I like change.

– Has collaborated with the Spanish designing costumes for the Olympics. How did this collaboration?

We started working with them in the Olympic games of Sanghai. Then we proposed to make the Olympics. I supposed to assume a lot of work, but it was a wonderful experience, both in the professional and personally. They are a lovely girls.

– In Dolores Cortés you can  find a wide variety of collections for all types of women, from lines for Moms through quality swimsuits technically studied to give an image  of one or two size less, from the most fashionable bikinis to the child swiw wear  (Dolores Cortés Beachwear, Catwalk, Shape Swim, Mum, Win, Kids) . What is  the style of Dolores Cortés ?

Dolores Cortés is directed to any woman who wants to look pretty with swimwear and the same for their children. Think  that we are specialized in fashion swimwear and in this product we invest all our knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. All we do is in the swimwear and we cover all segments.

 -Where do you find your inspiration?

 In this collection of 2013 we have developed several trends:

Color explosion. Stimulating, attractive young

Vintage sailor: Environment sailor

Bhairava: Inspiration Paisley positioned drawings.

On the catwalk of Madrid presented the most ethnically collection, inspired by ancient cultures of the American Caribbean. Specifically, we collaborated with the Wayuú tribe of Guajira. Inspired by his craft, graphics and colors,  we created this  collection very plastic and vibrant. This forms the collection D.C. Gateway this summer. Our line more special.

-A style icon.

I’m not very prone to create me icons. I think that anyone who proposes it, well advised and with a mirror where you can look in yourself, you can have great style.

– The International Fashion Fair FIMI which did homage to  her career during the 77th edition of the children’s fashion catwalk that each year takes place in Valencia. What do feel about this recognition?

Actually the homage was addressed to my mother, but I accompanied and participated in it. It’s very endearing and important recognize your work, much more if it is in your home. It was very exciting for my mother and, by extension, for me.

 – Dolores Cortés was in catwalks like Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and Mercedes Benz Miami Swim Fashion. How was the experience in Miami?

We was three editions. This will be the fourth and is a very rewarding experience to be invited to show your collection in the first U.S. catwalk. Moreover because you see that they appreciate your work and consider us each year  better   as a brand and  they offer us better opportunities for the parade.

– Where can we buy your clothes?

We have some stores in the C. Valencia, we are in multi-brand stores and corners of the top department stores. We also have a very attractive online store.

 Thank you so Much to Dolores Cortés for sharing with me a minutes of her time and grant me this interview.


Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/DCortes.Beachwear.Official?fref=ts