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Metal Atoms // Exclusive Editorial

Photographer and Retouch – Marta Piroli (@martapiroliphoto) Assistant – Carlotta Broglio (@carlottabroglio) MUA – Dayana Fredes (@dayanafredes) Hair – Justine Locatelli (@locate.justine) and Renato Arta (@renatoarta) Styling – Riccardo Carrapa (@rikcarry) Styling assistant – Simone Battista (@xsimonebattista) and Cristina Trabattoni (@cricicu) Model – Rhina @boommodel Milano (@kateromankova)

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Exclusive Editorials Fashion New and Upcoming Van Der Love

I Was Dancing // Exclusive Editorial

CREATIVE DIRECTOR|STORY|STYLING: Stacy Ellen PHOTOGRAPHER: Dale Marks MAKEUP|HAIR: Krisi Vaughn MODEL: Unique Jenkins The latest collection from Mondo Guerra has been described by his publicist, Richard Galvin of Galvin PR as a “cleansing” of the designers palette. Guerra’s all white collection has a breath of heavenly spirit at the same time displaying his great sense of …

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New fashion business: Cirqle

Cirqle, is a company based in Amsterdam (Netherlands), greatly organized, their product is a platform for online retailers and consumers, as well for fashion influencers. By integrating their e-commerce and analytics platform into influencers sites, Cirqle is able to track real time ROI of companies. Over fashion influencers content, Cirqle provides to the retailers an …

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Fashion Fashion Week Life & Style Van Der Love

ModaLisboa – The Timers // Day 2

Nair Xavier “Ermo” is a reflection of the dryness of the African deserts and Africa as the cradle of the world and foundation of the human conscience. Nair Xavier’s collection also uses as inspiration the lost Civilization of Ancient Egypt marked by development and wisdom and also utilitarian clothing, which reflects on the aesthetic and …

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