Alexandra Moura Fashion Interview

Today I want to show the work of the Lisbon designer Alexandra Moura consolidated as one of the great values of the Portuguese contemporary design.    She has launched her collections in many European and international catwalks, and the book The Young European Fashion Designers has mentioned Alexandra as one of the young designers with

Jordi Dalmau Interview

 The Catalonian designer Jordi Dalmau is a perfectionist man with every one of his designs, highlighting the best of every bride, with projects full of hope.  An original and distinctive bet which  wear a bold and sensual bride, that hiding under bulky overskirts her figure perfectly tight, offering the possibility of wearing two different outfits

Exclusive Interview with Marianna Elias

Marianna Elias. Her name might be very familiar to some of us, she's one of the most successful makeup artists in the industry. Living in Los Angeles, she's the makeup department head in one of the most seen tv series ever: House M.D. She has designed the starfleet makeup for Star Trek with her team that got