Alexandra Moura Fashion Interview

Today I want to show the work of the Lisbon designer Alexandra Moura consolidated as one of the great values of the Portuguese contemporary design. 

  She has launched her collections in many European and international catwalks, and the book The Young European Fashion Designers has mentioned Alexandra as one of the young designers with more impact on the future of the fashion world.

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

-How do you remember your start in the fashion world?

Like everything in life, all steps are important steps, but one of the biggest highlights of my life in the fashion world, was the possibility to integrate the official calendar in ModaLisboa-Lisbon FashionWeek, where everything came to be at a level truly professional and gave me the chance to be able to start taking the first steps in my internationalization. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


– How do you get the inspiration?

A photo, a person, an object, a sensation, a feeling.  Everything that is beautiful through my eyes, everything that have the capability to put me on another world, another dimension, that makes me dream and gives me the power to have ideas.


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


-Do you remember the first piece that you créate?

No doubt, I remember them all! 

– What differentiates Alexandra Moura’s proposals from other fashion designers that we can find in the market? how is the man and the woman who dress Alexandra Moura?

My work is characterized by a modern, rebellious, adult, urban style with the use of hand and detail with a small-scale production governed by a standard of high quality care in a special presentation of the product. I want my work to convey a concept in which the focus is given to the uniqueness and the product is always seen as an intervention in which the commercial aspect is not emphasized. I always like to customize the pieces with small details that somehow gives them uniqueness. It’s my way to cherish the pieces and make them unique. 

– Would you confess us a fantastic moment that you have lived in the fashion world?

It is a difficult question to answer, as emotional person that I am, too were the moments that marked me and that in his time were fantastic. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


 -Do you have any muse?

No. Everyone can become my inspiration at one point of my process.


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


– Vincci, a popular DJ in Hong Kong, recently appears in a fashion magazine wearing ALEXANDRA MOURA’s F/W13_14 blouse. What do you feel about this?

I think it’s wonderful. I feel very happy and very honored! 

-Social networks allow to disseminate the work of creative designers to a larger group of people and in different parts of the world. do you do you usually  use social networks to promote your work? or how You use social media to promote your work ? 

Social networks have an increasingly important role in the expansion of a brand. Specially at an international level, where we want to be increasingly present. I´ts very important to communicate to the world what we create, and social networks allows us to reach the all world. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

– If  you have to describe the current situation of the Fashion World in Lisbon with a dress . how would you do?

That dress would have a deconstructed silhouette, with some details of overlaps where the palette of grays would manifest.


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

-What can we expect in your upcoming collection? 

 A collection with a very strong concept, it travels between a tribe of Handramaut, in Yemen, and the work of the Portuguese painter Victor Pires Vieira.A collection with a strong silhouette where the Black and Blue Indigo prevail. The most classic details blend with the most sport, bringing the collection a sophisticated, urban and very contemporary language. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

– Where can we buy your clothes? 

They are available in our concept store, Alexandra Moura MA+S (R. Dom Pedro V, 77 Lisboa), and also in the Asian Market. Very soon we will be in other European cities and also online. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.NowAlexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

-And finally Where would you like to see your collections  parade?

In a European capital like London and certainly in Asia, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

Thank you so much to Alexandra Moura for granting me this interview and show us their collections 



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Jordi Dalmau Interview


 The Catalonian designer Jordi Dalmau is a perfectionist man with every one of his designs, highlighting the best of every bride, with projects full of hope.

 An original and distinctive bet which  wear a bold and sensual bride, that hiding under bulky overskirts her figure perfectly tight, offering the possibility of wearing two different outfits on that special day.The  transformation  is instantaneous of a wedding dress to a party dress. It is in the small details that manages to offer a proposal Jordi bride that suits the dress she had always dreamed.




JORDI DALMAU Brides was founded in 2001 as a young and dynamic company, willing to break the rules  in the bridal industry, given its commitment to colored wedding dresses.


He loves the women’s curves and loves to enhance her waist, which is why their corsets wedding dresses have a striking visual effect,  it reduces 5 centimetres . Yeah! 5centimetres


We enter into the magical world of Jordi Dalmau, with a funny and great performance , and  dresses fully customized.


How do you remember your start in the fashion world?

My start in the fashion world, were given to some doors closed, precisely in this world and then  I decided to create my own brand and make it known internationally. It’s still difficult, and more with these times, so We don’t cease in our efforts and doing the best.



– What differentiates Jordi Dalmau’s proposals from other wedding dresses that we can find in the market?

What differentiates us from other brands is the wide range of color schemes found in our collections, always respecting the traditional white dresses, with our modern twist.


– Specially emphasize in your collections removable and colour full designs  How  is Jordi Dalmau’s bride?

Jordi Dalmau’s bride is a bold and modern girl, but  traditional at the same time , it’s a mixture of all of them, which is not carried away by fads and better bet to be unique on your great day.




– More and more you are calling from abroad to parade and present your collections, would you like  to wear some celebritie ?

We would be delighted if any celebrities dress our designs, but one that would look best with her curves  she would certainly be Beyoncé.


– What is the reason that you direct your work to design for brides?

Our work is directly focused to brides, because it’s a very special design, which theoretically wears a girl once in her life. Must be a design that reflects her personality and style. I like looking for exclusivity in each of them, adapting the dress to the person in particular is something magical, personal and exclusive where you are very in touch with the bride to create this great piece that will  make it unforgettable.


– Do you remember the first piece that you created?

The first piece I created, I remember as a little crazy, I thought I only liked me, until I realized that  people wears what  out of my head ..


-You have made a  short film with Javier Lozano for signature, a horror movie. how was the experience?

  Getting to make the elixir short film what I had in my head, scripted, directed and exhibited in various short film festivals, including Sitges. A pleasure to work with them and an exhausting experience and for this  I don’t think that I repeat it  again. I love design, it’s my job.


-Your daughter Iris has starred on several occasions the performance. How does she inspire your collections?

My daughter Iris is the main reason why i’m moving. Without her, my collections would be meaningless. Even sometimes, in our travels, she gives me crazy ideas that gradually  I turned into reality. Currently she accompanies me on every catwalk, because it gives me strength and courage to go ahead.

– How does it feel to see your designs paraded on runways as Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week?

The first time we march in Barcelona Bridal Week, it was something special that can’t be explained with words … see everything that has come from the hands of my team, parading with great models, which make it float on a cloud, you have to  down and transform it into reality.



– If you hadn’t been a fashion designer. what would you  liked to be?

If it weren’t a designer, I think I could have spent my time on anything artistic related  with crafts. In fact, I started my career as a florist.


– How is the bridal collection of Jordi Dalmau for this 2014?

The bride elixir 2014, is a girl who defends the tradition  mixed whith whom is  modern, transgressive, something very common in all our collections.


– Where can we buy your clothes?

Our dresses are available in some exclusive locations in Spain, such as our workshop in Granollers (Barcelona), Zaragoza, Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria, Galicia, France, Portugal, Belgium and this year also in Qatar.



-And finally, A dream to be done?

My dream is to perform a catwalk in the New York Fashion Week, along with great professionals  as Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera, to Cross the pond.



Thank you so much to Jordi Dalmau for granting me this interview.



Exclusive Interview with Marianna Elias

Marianna Elias. Her name might be very familiar to some of us, she’s one of the most successful makeup artists in the industry. Living in Los Angeles, she’s the makeup department head in one of the most seen tv series ever: House M.D. She has designed the starfleet makeup for Star Trek with her team that got an Oscar for it. Marianna also has a variety of celebrities that she has worked with on projects and as a personal, like Slash, Linda Evans, Courtney Love, Candice Bergen, Olivia Wilde and many more. Bottom line: her career is huge. Fortunately we had the pleasure to interview her.

How did your background influenced you to become a makeup artist? How did it all started? Was it your first choice? Why? 
It all started at around 5 years old when my uncle Elias started teaching me his craft, sketching and oil painting on canvas. He was an amazing artist and I owe him my career and my inspiration.
He was a great painter and makeup artist in Greece, he worked with some of the most known Greek celebrities of the time designing their makeup and creating their overall looks that added to their success.
Was it my first choice? No, only because I didn’t think I was talented enough to pursue this kind of career and in Greece at the time it wasn’t even considered a career. The income my uncle was making was very inconsistent but he was so devoted that he never gave up and was willing to live with less just so he can continue doing it. I didn’t think I was strong enough to do the same so I stayed in school to go into psychotherapy. (obviously that wasn’t my path!)

Your name sounds like you have latin origins, where are you from?
I am Greek, born in a small city named Corinth and raised between a small village named Assos in Greece and parts of Austria and Germany since my family had to travel abroad for work.
My name is made up by me! I changed it when I came to the US, mainly because my Greek last name was hard for people to spell and because I wanted to honor my uncle Elias that was my mentor and never had children of his own.
So I added to my given name which was Maria, my mothers name which was Anna and my uncles first name became my last name.
Marianna Elias! This name really felt like ME.

As a successful professional from Greece living in America, how do you see this european global crisis? What should people do to get out of it? Is it a matter of a whole system or each one of us can really make the difference?
It saddens me to see what is happening in Europe and Greece with the economy.  Greeks have had a good system that worked for them. They owned their homes and worked just enough to live happily and within their means. They did not believe in debt and i admired that way of life.
A lot took place to come to this economic disaster and a lot of it was bad government management and corruption.
Same way that americans are slowly getting back on their feet By working and saving, i think that Greeks can slowly do the same. It takes time but its happened before, countries go in debt and then they get out of it, its like a computer reboot only it is an economic one.

Being a professional makeup artist requires a lot more than just imagination and technical skills, do you draw/sketch/paint often?
I certainly continue to draw and paint to this day and when my schedule allows, which is not as often as I would like to.
However being a professional makeup artist now is more than just imagination, we have to research a lot and we have to have a sense of business especially when we work with major production companies. There is definitely more to it than just the art.

Being your own CEO makes your logical side and business sense more effective, how do you evaluate the business proposals: you go for the team and the joy around the job itself, the real profits within, or a mix of these two?
I certainly have to like the team, the job and know that i am gonna have fun and enjoy creating. After all that is established then i negotiate the rate that will make both parties happy and get the job done with the highest quality of products and craft.
I am very happy to have gotten to a point of my career that i get to make some choices and be able to pick my jobs and the people to work with.
As a team player it is very important that i am  working with people that enjoy the same work ethics. So, its a mixture of both but with my priority being the project itself and the team i am working with.

Where and in what kind of things you search for inspiration?
My inspiration comes from the person I have in my chair at the time. He/she is my main focus and We create the appropriate look whether it’s a character or just enhancing their beautiful features, together.
It’s a custom look every time, I engage in a light conversation about their character and how they see themselves. I take their words seriously and focus on their emotions.
My main concern is to keep the person in my chair comfortable, happy and relaxed and create with them instead of them being just a canvas with no opinion.
It always works! Everybody is happy at the end and feel like they were part of the process.

Lets rehearsal a fashion photoshoot casting: the creative director is looking for something edgy and classy, retro but at the same time avant-garde. You have to choose a male and a female model. What kind of models are you looking for? What about their bone structures?
A good makeup artist creates any look on any face structure. There is many ways that you can create higher cheekbones, thinner noses etc. It’s all an illusion while playing with shadows and colors.

What were the most important battles you won to become successful as you are? What were the projects and/or moments that worked as a turning point to your career?
Creating a network with other artists and getting into the makeup artist/hair stylist union was a big challenge. It took a lot of determination and hard work on my end.
There was moments that I was disappointed and didn’t think anything will come out of it but I kept going. My biggest strength came from my husband and my newborn son.
My husband was very supportive and patient and has sacrificed his time with me so I can follow my dream. That alone gave me the fuel to keep going. I wanted to make them both proud and to offer something to my family.
My breakthrough came when I did a movie that turned into union and I was able to join Local 706 here in Los Angeles however I entered a brand new world that I knew no one in it so it was like starting from the beginning. After volunteering to union events and getting to know other artists, I end up building a network and got to where I am today, slowly but surely.

What is the coolest part of designing a character? In a long season, do you ever felt you could design in other way some character but, because of the plot, you aren’t able to change it anymore? 
The coolest part about designing a character is the research and the collaboration with the actor and the director.
It takes a team, you are never really alone in the designing process and that is what is great about it.
Somebody else adds something that you have not thought off and with everyone together and your research you come to the perfect result.
It is a misconception that makeup artists just come up with designs all on their own, that is only when they do creative stuff for their books however any other look especially on TV and movies takes a team effort and you can only survive in it if you are a team player.
You have to always be willing to listen, willing to learn and willing to be a team player, success follows effortlessly.

What is your advice to someone who’s wondering to became a makeup artist?
My advice to someone that wants to be a makeup artist is: keep up with products, have basic knowledge of colors and the color wheel, it is important to be able to cancel out imperfections instead of just covering them. Stay focused like with any other career and don’t let people discourage you. It might be a cliche but hard work does pays off.
Be social, be a team player and be kind and patient. Don’t take things personally and always take the high road. Good luck!

Getting into our daily life, what kind of items of makeup should no woman leave home without?
Makeup is optional. I am not a woman that wears much makeup at all myself so I have to say it is a personal preference of what characteristics a woman wants to enhance in her daily life.
Skin is more important than anything, having a good moisturizer and eye cream is a must especially after mid twenties. Sunblock is a good tool to prevent sun damage however it can be irritating so a hat and a good pair of sunglasses is always a good alternative.
A lip balm with sunblock is very important as well.

What are your plans for the future, personal and professionally?
My plans for my professional future it to continue to gain experience in my craft, have fun with it and continue working with talented people.
My personal plans are to enjoy more time with my family and travel more.


Thank you so much for your words Marianna. We were pleased to have you in Van Der Love Magazine. Keep your amazing and inspiring work.


(all photos are copyrighted and belong to Marianna Elias’ personal archive)
Marianna Elias