Ria H. Faragova from Dressign Fashion Interview

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Dressign is a new clothing label, presenting accessible, versatile and with unique products designed by Ria H. Faragova. Every piece in their on-line store can be specially tailor-made to suit your requirements. They are focusing on the fresh outlook of streetwear in the form of easy, comfortable and casual clothes for both daytime and evening wear, which can be worn at work and during leisure time and also ethically and ecologically manufactured in Europe

We enter into the gorgeous world of Ria H. Faragova , an Slovakia Fashion Designer with a unique style with tailor- made streetwear clothings.Dressign

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– You studied Architecture. How do you start in the fashion world?

After I graduated from the university I decided I was going to blend the creativity and skills which i  learned during my studies of Architecture with the sewing and designing skills I have as my hobby. I have this hobby for a long time and make a lot of clothes for me and my friends during the high school years.

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– When did you decide to create your own brand?

After the first positive feedbacks on my first pieces which i  sold online, I kept getting more and more orders and I realised people liked my work and I was loving what I was doing. It seemed for me  the perfect combination to create an own brand.

-Do you remember the first piece that you create?

Yes I remember very good . It is our bestseller, the boat neck shrug. It was created during one evening, at first I was thinking to make a new design for a cardigan, but during the process came up this idea of the asymmetrical shrug pattern , and I liked it.

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– How do you get the inspiration?

I get my inspiration from different places. Sometimes it’s from nature and sometimes it’s from architecture and geometry.

– Your shop is also stocked three times a year with limited edition collection available only during a short time frame. How do you define the Dressing’s style ?

Dressign‘s style is an urban, streetstyle with an original pattern and  comfortable pieces which also can be tailor made to fit all the body shapes.

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– If you hadn’t been a fashion designer. what would you like to be?

If I hadn’t tried to start Dressign after graduating, I would be still a full time architect.

– Where can we buy your clothes? 

These are available online on dressign.com and in some boutiques in Europe


Photo: Goldschnee http://goldschnee.blogspot.sk/ and Julia http://xthecoldfrontx.tumblr.com/

-And finally, A dream to be done?

We are dreaming a lot ! Soon we are going to launch a  collection of bags and accesories, and sportwear, designed all by me.

 Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/dressign.look

 Site : http://www.dressign.com/