Magnetic Time | Exclusive Editorial




Paulo Varela recreates the possibility of an escape beyond the last boundary of a perceived discovery, a leap into the cosmic in humans, toward the timeless, a door to the other side where the muse is observed, shimmering in the suspension of time, drawing magical constellation…

Photography: Isa Silva
Makeup Artist and Hair Designer: Paulo Varela
Model: Marta Mendes @Central Models
Jewelry: Ceagagê



Photographer: Edgar Keats –
Makeup Artist: Sónia Cintra –
Wardrobe Stylist: Cláudia Ferreira
Hair Designer: S. Ferreira
Model: Dani Yordanova @Central Models
Video: Black Vultures TV
Photo Assistant: Paulo Trindade
Video Assistant: Inêz Rebello

In this shooting, our major reference was Christina Hendricks, a woman with striking features, sexy and elegant. A lot of the “plus size” women take her as an inspiration.
Women who have hourglass body shape are those that have the body more proportional and has more freedom to use almost anything they want. So, here’s an ode to the plus.
Cláudia Ferreira