Hollywood Award Season // Style Exclusive

It’s seems like movies influenced fashion before designers were mega stars of their own. In the early years of the film business, costume designers were named “designers” although CoCo Chanel is one of the first well known fashion designers that has stood the test of time. Costume designers of the same time period were shaping the fashionistas and celebrities desire for the latest “in fashion.” According to a WWD article, “The clothes worn by some of moviedom’s most memorable characters have had audiences rushing to replicate the looks for the past 75 years.”







Much like history, fashion repeats itself. Mary Pickford won the Oscar in 1930 wearing an unknown designer, this silhouette is very similar to Kate Hudson‘s dress by Versace she wore this year to the Golden Globes.



Also wearing a dress to the Globes with nods of vintage style was Felicity Jones in Christian Dior. Her dress is reminiscent of Joanne Woodward‘s dress she wore to accept the Oscar in 1958.



Jones wears another show stopped by Alexander McQueen to the Oscars which has a nod to the Hubert de Givenchy dress won by Audrey Hepburn when she won in 1954. Givenchy happens to be the first well known designer worn at a Hollywood award season and is still going strong at the ripe old age of 87.

The term “Bitch stole my look” has been in the making for nearly 100 years.



In 1976 Louise Fletcher won the Oscar yet again wearing an unknown designer. This years award season, Jennifer Lopez wore a dress by Zuhair Murad that has an uncanny resembles of Fletcher’s to the Golden Globes.



Gwen Stefani wore a courture jumpsuit by Versace to the 57th Grammy awards that is similar to the one Sissy Spacek wore when she won the Oscar in 1981. Showing that the 1980s trend is still relevant.







Designer Yves Saint Laurent made his first appearance at the Oscars in 1972 when Jane Fonda won wearing one of his designs. More then 40 years later, Margot Robbie wears Saint Laurent to the Oscars in a dress very similar to the one Fonda wore.

The Hollywood award season started out as a humble affair to honor the art of the film. Many starlets of this inception wore their own clothing or possibly something from the wardrobe department of the lastest film they were working on. It wasn’t until the mid 1980s that actors started wearing designer dresses on a regular basis and naming them on the red carpet.

An article from WWD states, “It’s a different process from that of a fashion designer, who faces the pressures of the marketplace, Jacqueline Durran points out. And, My focus as a costume designer is on interpreting a script and making some kind of solution that culls the thing together,” she explains. “Whereas [if you’re] a fashion designer, you have to sell the thing you’re making.”