ModaLisboa Kiss // Day Two

Olga Noronha


On the second day of ModaLisboa, Olga Noronha presented her “β CREATURES” collection on the LAB platform. Olga Noronha had as principal inspiration the beauty and dichotomy – delicacy/violence – that are known to the male Betta fish. The designer used materials such as porcelain, fish skin from cod, salmon and sea bass, corals, gemstones, crystals, natural pearls, gold leaf and stamped polyester to create wearable sculptures that reflect the creatures from which she takes inspiration as well as the environment where those creatures live in. The shoes were a result from the collaboration between the designer and Biblical Lust.

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Ricardo Andrez


Ricardo Andrez presented “Stereo”, a collection based on color and how color is attached to life and its’ intensity, emotion and dimension. Ricardo Andrez explored color transitions between the chromatic borders, translated to the collection with a predominant neutral color palette – white, grey and black – with the addition of vivid colors such as pink, orange, green, purple and blue, applied in solid blocks or in wave-like prints. Some of the details in the collection were the extra-long sleeves, the fur applications, the sleeves’ cutouts, the zipper application on cuffs, pants and jackets and, of course, the prints and color palette. Other details from the collection were the shoes – the result from a collaboration between Ricardo Andrez and Melo – and the sunglasses from Vava.

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Rose Palhares


On the second day of ModaLisboa, Rose Palhares had her début on the LAB platform. The designer presented “Kiss from Rose”, a collection aligned with the theme for the 25th anniversary of ModaLisboa. “Kiss from Rose” was a collection that had a seductive, self-assured and passionate-about-life woman in mind, that dictate the use of laces and transparencies in the collection, as well as red, gold, blue, pink and champagne in form fitting silhouettes that complement the women’s body.

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Christophe Sauvat


For AW 16/17 Christophe Sauvat presented a collection that reinforces the brand’s motto “One world, no boundaries”, travelling to the Nordic countries for inspiration. Staying true to the brand’s identity, Christophe Sauvat presented an eclectic collection yet appropriate to the urban and modern woman living in the city. The color palette present in the collection ranged from snow white, autumn browns and greens – a direct reflection of the Nordic landscapes – to black, that convey more versatility and elegance to the collection. The materials chosen vary from alpaca wool, leather and merino wool – for the warmer pieces – to cotton, faux astrakhan and silk – for the lighter pieces – embellished with embroideries and geometric patterns with pearls. The collection was completed with ethnic backpacks, embroidered clutches and practical cotton bags.

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Pedro Pedro


Pedro Pedro presented “L’etrangère”, a youthful and relaxed collection with distinctive and voluminous silhouettes, layers of asymmetrical pieces and utilitarian and military influence on the coats. The overall feeling of the collection was unpretentious, referring us to a rural setting where exaggerated lengths were presented on sleeves and pants.

The designer presented a mix of materials, from wools, felts, cottons, linens, wool jerseys, quilted impermeable and check, in sober colors such as grey, beige, camel, black, khaki and shades of olive and neon green.

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Alexandra Moura



“Woman” was the collection that Alexandra Moura presented on the last edition of ModaLisboa. The starting point of the collection was the work – sketches, scrapbooks and collages – of the artist Anohni, as well as the dramatic and theatrical charge present in her work.

“Woman” resulted in deconstructed classic silhouettes, with details brought from ancient times and from undergarments of both genders, that used as vehicle luxurious jacquard fabrics in voluminous coats and blankets, embellished with ruffles, ribbons and bows.

The color palette in the collection contemplated black, white, wine, blue, camel and sand tones.

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Carlos Gil


Carlos Gil’s AW 16/17 collection was “Eclectic”. As the name refers, the collection mixed patterns, colors, textures and styles to provide a new look at elegance.

In general, thee looks  were composed by unusual layer combinations that, at the same time, have vintage reminiscences, clean cuts and sporty details, creating a bold and elegant sportswear chic look.

Carlos Gil played with different fabrics and textures, as glitters, lace, fur and patterns, in blazers, coats, blouses, sweaters and pleated wrap skirts to achieve the eclectic aesthetic proposed for this season collection.

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Morecco Lisboa presented for AW 16/17 its’ first full collection of garments.

The collection presented took as inspiration voyages through Turkey, Morocco and Korean cinema as well as the glamour of the nightclubs of New York and Paris in the 70s. The result was a celebration of color, textures and materials, where the color palette ranged from black, grey, white, orange and pale yellow and green in materials such as silk, fur and reused antique Chinese and Japanese fabric panels with fringe trims.

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Miguel Vieira


Miguel Vieira presented “Color”, a collection where color takes center stage and where the designer was influence for the meanings and emotions attached with every color he selected : the mystery, power and elegance of caviar black; the calm, loyalty, wisdom and confidence of the dark navy blue; olympian blue, blend of cobalt and sapphire hues; the innocence, purity and perfection of marshmallow white; the optimism, joy and energy of mustard yellow.

The materials used by Miguel Vieira were neoprene, custom fabrics, quilted fabrics, cloth, silk crepe and fur, that were applied, for women, in structured and informal lines or voluminous lines that do not hide femininity with long and extra long heights; For men, structured suits and impeccably cut trousers.

The collection was completed with braided skin handbags, scarves and bracelets.

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All photos are copyright protected: Rui Vasco/ModaLisboa

Lisbon Fashion Week Day 1

In its 42nd edition, Moda Lisboa presented  the collections for Autumn Winter 2014-2015 selecting multiple locations to stage their fashion shows. Under the beautiful and historic arcades Pombaline of the Pátio da Galé or Praça do Comercio, we saw the Portuguese talent.

cristina real sangue novosangue novo rui vasco22ID sangue novoOlga Noronha


The platform “Sangue Novo”  was responsible to open ModaLisboa this year, consisting of a group of young designers, in which Lisboa bets and continue to invest to find new talent in the national fashion scene, among which were 2ID (Sara Ruben Seidi and Damasio), Catarina Oliveira, Cristina Real, Ina Koelln, Nair Xavier, Olga Noronha, Patrick de Padua and Sofia Macedo.


nair sangue novo

cristina real sangue novo2patrick  de pádua 1962648_10151907737186786_100706565_n

As in previous editions, the program was completed with the parades of some international brands. Besides in the catwalks  they counted with a front row full of personalities from the fashion and media, where we saw  celebrities as the  stylish actress, model and hostess Raquel Prates, or the Hostess of the Sic Mulher, Ana Rita Clara and Ana Sofia Carvalho.

valentim quaresma 1

valentim quaresma 3

valentim quaresma 4 valentim quaresma 5

 Valentim Quaresma Fashion Designer

valentim quaresma diseñador

Valentim Quaresma was inspired by Africa and the Middle East. The designer known for transforming mundane objects into pieces of contemporary jewelry, shows us a futuristic and innovative style, reflecting the meeting of the three states of materia in which the organic universe is related to the mechanical, which shows some of his classics fetishistic elements represented by chains and leather.

alexandra moura 1

alexandra moura 2

alexandra moura 3

alexandra moura 4

Alexandra Moura Fashion Designer

alexandra moura 7

Alexandra Moura, considered one of the youngest designers with more impact on the future of the world of fashion brings a proposal inspired by the Handramaut tribe of Yemen, and the work of the  artist Pires Vieira. With a sophisticated, urban and very contemporary collection, where we find colors like the infalile black .

From Van Der Love Magazine and Edgar Keats, we would like to thank the warm welcome to Lisbon Fashion Week, and highlight the close and professional treatment of the entire organization, taking care of the smallest detail. Thank you so much!


To be Continued….


Alexandra Moura Fashion Interview

Today I want to show the work of the Lisbon designer Alexandra Moura consolidated as one of the great values of the Portuguese contemporary design. 

  She has launched her collections in many European and international catwalks, and the book The Young European Fashion Designers has mentioned Alexandra as one of the young designers with more impact on the future of the fashion world.

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

-How do you remember your start in the fashion world?

Like everything in life, all steps are important steps, but one of the biggest highlights of my life in the fashion world, was the possibility to integrate the official calendar in ModaLisboa-Lisbon FashionWeek, where everything came to be at a level truly professional and gave me the chance to be able to start taking the first steps in my internationalization. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


– How do you get the inspiration?

A photo, a person, an object, a sensation, a feeling.  Everything that is beautiful through my eyes, everything that have the capability to put me on another world, another dimension, that makes me dream and gives me the power to have ideas.


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


-Do you remember the first piece that you créate?

No doubt, I remember them all! 

– What differentiates Alexandra Moura’s proposals from other fashion designers that we can find in the market? how is the man and the woman who dress Alexandra Moura?

My work is characterized by a modern, rebellious, adult, urban style with the use of hand and detail with a small-scale production governed by a standard of high quality care in a special presentation of the product. I want my work to convey a concept in which the focus is given to the uniqueness and the product is always seen as an intervention in which the commercial aspect is not emphasized. I always like to customize the pieces with small details that somehow gives them uniqueness. It’s my way to cherish the pieces and make them unique. 

– Would you confess us a fantastic moment that you have lived in the fashion world?

It is a difficult question to answer, as emotional person that I am, too were the moments that marked me and that in his time were fantastic. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


 -Do you have any muse?

No. Everyone can become my inspiration at one point of my process.


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now


– Vincci, a popular DJ in Hong Kong, recently appears in a fashion magazine wearing ALEXANDRA MOURA’s F/W13_14 blouse. What do you feel about this?

I think it’s wonderful. I feel very happy and very honored! 

-Social networks allow to disseminate the work of creative designers to a larger group of people and in different parts of the world. do you do you usually  use social networks to promote your work? or how You use social media to promote your work ? 

Social networks have an increasingly important role in the expansion of a brand. Specially at an international level, where we want to be increasingly present. I´ts very important to communicate to the world what we create, and social networks allows us to reach the all world. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

– If  you have to describe the current situation of the Fashion World in Lisbon with a dress . how would you do?

That dress would have a deconstructed silhouette, with some details of overlaps where the palette of grays would manifest.


Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

-What can we expect in your upcoming collection? 

 A collection with a very strong concept, it travels between a tribe of Handramaut, in Yemen, and the work of the Portuguese painter Victor Pires Vieira.A collection with a strong silhouette where the Black and Blue Indigo prevail. The most classic details blend with the most sport, bringing the collection a sophisticated, urban and very contemporary language. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

– Where can we buy your clothes? 

They are available in our concept store, Alexandra Moura MA+S (R. Dom Pedro V, 77 Lisboa), and also in the Asian Market. Very soon we will be in other European cities and also online. 

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.NowAlexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

-And finally Where would you like to see your collections  parade?

In a European capital like London and certainly in Asia, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

Alexandra Moura | Summer 2014 | ModaLisboa - Ever.Now

Thank you so much to Alexandra Moura for granting me this interview and show us their collections 



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