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“When I take responsibility for my health, my emotions and my life, my consciousness of life as a whole widens and I can clearly understand the intrinsic connections we have with the world in which in live in, thus creating a greater sense of responsibility with all life forms in our planet.”

Silvia Patzsch, Brazil

Silvia Patzsch is an actress and an educator. She’s been working with Art Education and Health for over 15 years, aiming at sharing crucial information on self-knowledge and the consequent creation of health and living satisfaction, while actively promoting a sustainable, fair and balanced existence for all.

The show As Úteras (The Female Uteruses) was created by Silvia Patzsch and Katia Horn, visual artist, with the intent of enlightening women and men, providing them with the correct information and understanding of the female reproductive organ. The show is part of a set of performances and exhibitions of the Brazilian reflection group Az Encontradas (https://www.facebook.com/AzEncontradas), dedicated to the feminine universe and the general society’s health.

The so called women’s empowerment necessarily entails the knowledge of  the female body, its cycle, its anatomy and physiology, the hormonal system and the monthly responsibility of generating life (or not). Although this information seems obvious, it’s not. Over the times, there has been quite a few stories and myths around women and reproduction, derived either from religion or from the lack of information.

During the creative process, Silvia and Katia came across all sorts of doubts and questions, they tackled implicit subjects such as the period, sexuality and the woman as a family health reference, sharing responsibility with the man. They agreed on the need for an open dialogue on the theme.

The show As Úteras deals with all these subjects with great humor, focusing of the clarification of the mystery of life, laying taboos aside and engaging each one of us on a marvelous and fundamental discovery of the powerful organ that brings us here – the uterus.

Their first performance was in 2012, at the p.ARTE #4, in Curitiba, Brazil (http://vimeo.com/48943102). Presently, Silvia is developing a full program on the subject to be presented at the Secretaria Extraordinária da Mulher de Curitiba (Curitiba Woman’s Extraordinary Secretary) and especially designed for the women who seek help there. The show As Úteras will definitely be on it and is accepting invitations, as well as funding, from whomever is willing to be a part of this noble enterprise.

. What have you done today to change the world? .

by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira


Cláudia Gomes Oliveira

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