Piel de Toro


The Spanish brand “Piel de toro” continues to innovate every season with a thouthgfully designed. The brand always adapt her collections to the last trends and to the demands of the markets.


Piel de Toro has since positionated in the fashion market as a Casual wear with a bright urban style in the sector for its design, professionalism and its expansion politic.

In its new collection we can found differents lines and styles, for all the family and the most important for every occasion, a wide range of clothing lines that goes from a children line to a young line and a senior line. A brand that has introduced the last trends like tartan pattern this season and colourful garments to those gray days. Garments to be comfy, cozy and stylish and which you can face the winter weather ( rainy or cold days…)





Currently the spanish brand ” Piel de Toro” is present in 9 countries and 4 continents (Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Kuwait, USA, Libya, Guatemala, Morocco and France). In addition, it focuses its expansion plans in countries such as Peru, Chile, Panama and the United Arab Emirates.

Piel de Toro has reached an exponential growth in recent years thanks to the boundless loyalty of their followers. The key to this success: a distinctive design, constant innovation and quality of its products and processes.

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