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Piel de Toro, Spanish essence



How to join values, feelings and the essence of a land with fashion? This is what Piel de Toro founders wonder when they create the brand and that is why, 20 years later, the brand is synonym of fashion and Spanish style par excellence in every country it goes.




From 1995, Sevillian brand Piel de Toro has adopted the styles of Andalusian tradition and it has mixed them with more modern and actual designs. Moreover, these values have been the way of felling fashion.






Piel de Toro, which is urban and actual, is the perfect brand for men and women who go around the city to enjoy it, to work or in their free time. A unique lifestyle understood as an extension of its own personality which makes you feel confident and in harmony with everything that surrounds you.


A Brand with  quality and a constant renovation in its complete history, inheritance and Spanish culture with a unique style, positive, a total way of living.


In Piel de Toro, you can find a masculine line full of charisma, a feminine one full of nuances suitable for every moment of the day and a children’s line which is full of fun, colour and which has different original outfits. Design and quality are melted with colours on its clothes showing a strong personality for all the family.



Don’t miss the opportunity and visit their online store or their stores which are now in 9 countries.

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