Moda Lisboa S/S17 | Cia Maritima

Inspired by memories from 1990 Summer, the year the label was founded, Cia. Marítima takes advantage of poetic license and shows its Summer 2017 collection bringing prints that spark affective memories and bonds to that first Summer. The label has created pieces with fresh and versatile touch.

The prints bring seashells, starfish, fish scales, surf boards, guitars, algae and corals, in shades of blue and green that evoke sea colors.

Cia. Marítima always seeks to focus on special features which add value to each piece. The medium length, bikini tops and thongs, strap cropped tops, special weaving and tying finishing are the collection’s highlights.

“Celebrate”, the collection’s special line, reappears with an array of fashion pieces options bringing crochet and special cuts, apart from tying using unique kinds of laces. Watch video for full show.

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