Lonkel Paris

Since over 30 years the fashion brand ” Lonkel Paris” has provide to the women of all over the worllld an exceptional collection ranging from classic to original. Listening to the woman, passion, love of fashion, they have dresses to wear to suit your mood and suit any occasion.


Lonkel dress it’s a unique style, an aesthetic version of feminity and a harmonious and elegant silhouette. Over 30 years in creating dresses. The recipe is simple:  Sexy , Classy and natural. They are always listening the needs of all women and trends of the dress. At work, at a party , a café terrace or a ceremony, you will always feel beautiful in L’onkel dress.


Lonkel perfectly fit the curves  or our drapes that refine the silhouette. The brand offers several models of dresses like wallets dresses, elegant dresses with ruffles, pants in Jersey and combinations to be radiant at all times!!! Moreover its dresses can be worn all year, from summer to winter , suitable to all the seasons!.



Hey Van Der Lovers, stay tuned to Van Der Love magazine to know more about Lonkel , in the meantime you can check out its site http://lonkelshop.com/fr/

Amanda Chic

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