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Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Lenita Burman, a business woman and designer, with a career   of more than 25 years in the fashion world, and in command of one of the leading Spanish companies in Europe in the field of lingerie and swimwear.


Lenita came to the Canary Islands from Sweden with only six years, and since then her life has been somewhere between the two countries.   They are influences of those trips and knowledge of the world that has gained Lenita, which has always kept the flame of inspiration, which is reflected in more than 30 collections of swimwear  which was successfully introduced on the market. And is that what began as a young girl selling bikinis on the beach, it  has become today in an industry that up to cruising speed.

The designer presents every season a  revolution  of bikinis and bright vivid designs.

In 2011 Lenita makes its first entrance into the world of sportswear, creating  Lenita Street, a clothing line that has been established in the market, and in summer 2012  she launched a  low-cost  swimwear line, Lenita Basic , designed to attract a younger audience.

– How did you start your own career in fashion?

I started in this for need and  the necessity sharpen our wits. I wanted to study veterinary medicine, but I had to live many years in the Canaries and my parents wanted to send me to  a college in Stockholm, where the career was subsidised. I was here my life, my friends … I wasn’t thinking in professional development … and less in this sector. I had seen my mother who was a seamstress, so sacrificed to output her clients orders …. but that professsion that she taught me, it  gave me the opportunity to stay and stay, at first as little more than a hobby, selling bikinis on the beach to the acquaintances, and then when the thing grew as a business opportunity.


– How is the woman that wears  Lenita?

For all types of women. No need to have a specific age, but a spirit sexy, daring and cosmopolitan.


– What is your leitmotiv?

Live  the moment: carpe diem.

– Do you remember the first piece  that you created?

Yes … I have the exact image in my head. It was a very sexy swimsuit type shirt, high in the  hips. It was a boom that  was copied until the exhaustion on Canarian beaches.


– What drives your designs?

I am inspired by everything. It can be a music, a headdress, a wrapper, a landscape or even as a coolhunter with a look which some people wear in the cities or the beaches ..

– Do you have any muse?

No. I have been asked many times … but I’m not particularly a fan of anyone or anything in particular while I’m a fan of all … I find beauty and inspiration through multiple visions of people and things.


– How important are the trends in your collections?

For every designer trends are important. The thing about the swimwear is that having to prepare everything with at least one year in advance, (technical specifications, prototypes, photos …) is the fashion industry that goes back always about them … Usually the swimwear has a gap of one year from the rest. Now, with the arrival of the Prontomoda, trends suggest  you more for where you have to go, but still sometimes you’re late … and very dangerous trends being ahead of myself … I was wrong in some collection. The masses are the currents and it’s very difficult to draw the pattern on your own if you go down a different way.

– What is the city you find most inspiring?

Undoubtedly, London.

– What or who has significantly influenced your career?

The truth is that more than one person, I have been influenced by two trends, and the  fashion of the Brazilian and Californian beach. My collections are halfway between the two, you might say.

– What is the fabric or material most usually work in your collection?

Stretch fabric …. a mixture of polyamide with lycra or spandex.

– What  can we see next season in  Lenita’s collection? Can you give us a preview?

We have already presented the collection on the catwalk. The Lenita are always striking and versatile collections that cater to different types of women. So my 2014 collection is divided into five main lines combine romantic  rockers, urban, surfer and hippie-chic. The brightness and fluor, trend of the season, come together in a collection that stands out for its variety of designs and original prints. I hope you like it.


Thank you so much to Lenita for grant me this interview.

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/Lenita.CanariasChoice


Amanda Chic

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