Interview with Liliana Alves

 On the last Thursday October 8th, Van der Love Magazine went to Lisbon Design Show 2015 with a goal: to meet the woman behind the homonymous jewelry brand Liliana Alves Jewelry Design. Let me introduce her: she is a Portuguese native, from Caldas da Rainha to be more precise, and is from her atelier that she runs her business and makes her masterpieces. Right away she welcomed us with a big smile and took us on a journey through her universe and collections on display at the show.


Saying that her creations are masterpieces it is not an exaggeration: one of the things that catch your attention from the beginning is Liliana’s eye for details. Every little piece is so meticulously done that is impossible to say otherwise. Using materials such as sterling silver, oxidized silver, gold plated sterling silver, pearls and semi-precious stones like onyx and amber, all her pieces have a very big impact, not only due to the materials she chooses to work with but also because of her unmistakable aesthetic.

Liliana Alves defines her aesthetic as delicate, light and versatile; her collections always have an architectonical or natural inspiration, from which Liliana makes her own interpretation and deconstruction of the forms, using portuguese filigree (considered UNESCO’s World Heritage), among other techniques, to add a different and interesting texture to her pieces. The use of this technique comes from her three year course at Cindor, where she learned among other things, the craft of filigree.


Liliana started her brand in 2009 but her love for creation comes from her teenage years: as she told Van der Love Magazine, at the age 14/15, she remembers visiting her father’s electronic shop from where she brought home copper cables to transform into decorative objects, such as dream catchers, to later offer them as gifts to family members on their birthdays and Christmas. Six years after her start, Liliana’s father – Manuel Alves – now works along with his daughter, helping bring life to her designs.

At the moment, Liliana releases one to two collections per year because she wants not only to respond to her clients’ needs, but also because she feels the need to create and materialize her ideas. She defines her client as a tasteful, sophisticated and versatile woman, who appreciates cultural events and art. Among her famous clients are Ana Bacalhau from Deolinda, actress Isabel Medina and USA ambassadress in Portugal, Kim Saywer. Liliana was also invited to be a part of two fashion shows for Storytailors: at Portugal Fashion 2013 and at their 10 year career celebration.
Some of her other accomplishments are being featured at Revista Única Expresso 2009, Notícias Magazine 2011, Direct Art International Magazine 2013, Notícias Magazine Cover December 2014 and British Vogue Magazine September 2015. Other than her magazine features, she also participated on several design exhibitions in Portugal (she won a trophy for Creative Innovation with her collection Metamorphosis at OuroIndústria) she also travelled to Paris and Bern to showcase her work and reach other markets.


During this six busy years working on her brand, besides all the accomplishments, Liliana still wants to expand her clientele to other countries and gain recognition both nationally and internationally, always preserving her design aesthetic and what makes her brand so unique: the versatility of her pieces that are only limited by the users imagination.

Priscila Magalhães

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