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Interview to Fiona Ferrer



 She  just launched a new page that promises to be a success on the net. From this platform you can discover secret places, beauty tips, art exhibitions and  more things typical of  a Wacu girl.

She has also launched within the world of gastronomy creating the MENU Wacu in the Chain of  twenty Restaurants  Wogaboo and MAD.


A fun menu, complete and  with very good price that you can’t miss!


With only 19 years old, Fiona Ferrer Leoni went to live in Paris, where she worked at the Maison Montana. Then began the career of journalism at Ithaca College, but she ended studying International Relations and Communication at the University of Miami while she was working at the auction house Sotheby’s. After graduating in 2000, she embarked on the world of fashion, which united with her knowledge of art. In Miami was Artemundi communications director and member of the club of the MOCA Shakers (Contemporary Art of Museum). She was also responsible for promoting the European designers at the beginning of Fashion Week in Miami and got the charge of institutional relations in the Elite Model Look Colombia, where she was awarded, along with Custo Dalmau, the Medal of the City of Cartagena de Indias. Then created her first company, Fashion & Art, with which began to join alliances between America and Spain.


After this she created  her second company, Concep2all, specializing in the world of fashion, art and entertainment. In the 2003/2004  she Bought the  license of  Elite Model Look Costa Rica and after this experience took the reins of the contest in Spain where it organized in the beginning together with El Corte Ingles. She is also the architect or author of the successful supermodel in which she served as judge and executive producer.

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Fiona Ferrer Leoni is a referent in the world of fashion in my country , Spain. Her program “Fiona, Te necesito” was an inspiration for many women, where Fiona gave  some tips and tricks to improve the style, including how to buy wisely to have a good wardrobe.

A caring woman, who has received the  award o the Escaparate Magazine for  the solidarity  and for their support in various charity projects and support to various NGOs with which she has traveled to Mexico, Colombia, Haiti and India.

Currently, she is  working in some national  and international means of communication and  she has received recognition for her social and business career. Moreover she is participating as a speaker at the Masters in Communication and Fashion Entrepreneurs at the University of Sevilla.


– Elegance and style?

Elegance and style are two concepts that go together.  I don’t understand one without the other.  We can say that it goes almost together, but there isn’t  that associate elegance  always to  be dress in white tip, but  knowing wear clothes and live with them in any situation.

-You have lived in different cities: New York, Miami, Paris … What is the city you find most inspiring?

I like them all, because each one of them got the better. Many times I escape to one of these cities for inspiration or just to lost there.

I love New York. It’s a city full of energy. I go every September and Februarys. These two months are sacred and always when I back to Europe after these trips i bring  the fully renewed energy. Paris is my teen …… my first step toward family independence and Miami where I studied at the University of Miami. I think Miami as home. As a second home. It is certainly a very important part of my life.

– What does a supermodel?

For me  a supermodel it is mostly a superwoman. Someone able to know to thank and not to forget who gave her the first decisive chance.


– Can you tell a story of supermodel stage?


I could tell a thousand and probably end up with some myths. I have very good memories and many stories of which I remember often as I am of those who have very good memory.


Supermodel was a program made ​​with love. With great professionals we hope to return this in the future.

It was a fantastic stage and certainly a professional and personal enrichment.

– You’ve launch a book in which you tell us about the lifes of girls in the highest spheres of society. It’s called Wacu Girls  : World , ambitious , cool & Unique , which has been  a successful , which is now in the second part ( Wacu girls when the time is ticking ) How did the book ? and what features have to have woman to be a Wacu Girl?

Planet The publisher asked me to write a fiction book  with a profile similar to Sex in New York City or Gossip Girl. I got to thinking and from there came the concept Wacu that you want to convey is that there are  a NO before a YES, it does not matter where you come from or who you are if you fight you can achieve your goal.

The stories take place in Paris , Madrid , New York , Miami , Mexico , London and Colombia . In the second part the girls have grown up and the love joined with  the sex theme and the subject ot taking  decisive decisions .

Everyone can be a Wacu if she always go ahead with the truth , be willing to fight for a dream and don’t make the sofa her refuge. It’s time to  move, take on the world without eating anyone and grow professionally and personally .


– I have to say that personally I loved  your book and I  wonder.. When we  can watch Wacu girls on TV?

I wish! I said it from the start. Hope it’s a dream come true someday.


– How you combine so many different facets as a businesswoman, writer in a column on “La razón, the Grazia  Fashion Therapy and  your blog very follow in Hello Magazine?

I am extremely organized. I reserve the weekends to write and schedule the week. I like to take everything under control and when I commit to something, normally I do it.

I have a business and a lot of responsibility and I can not lower the guard but often is what most want.


-Over the years you’ve been working as image consultant What is the most common mistake when it comes to clothing?

Wanting to be something you’re not really.

-You come from a family belonging to the world of fashion. Your mother was a famous model in the 70s and your father President of the Pasarela Gaudí among other charges.What do they broadcast  you on how to fashion?


That you can’t live of a photo or that a suit doesn’t have any use if you don’t know how to sale the product.We have to fight for things and never be believed more than anyone.

– What is the key to good host?


Be natural. Make the guest feel comfortable and at home and treat everyone equally.

– Can we confess a sublime moment lived in the world of fashion?


My baptism in the first parade in Paris that I went with my father to see Claude Montana. It marked me. I remember we were sitting next to Sonya Rykel and then went with my father to the backstage. Much champagne and Supermodels were all 90. All a real movie …..

– Any future projects that 
you want to share with us?


This week my new project launches online and a menu designed by the team of Wogaboo and me, it  will be in 20 chain restaurants. The Wacu  MENU is very complete  and all this together with the web starts with the new adventure Wacu on the subject of merchandising and new projects.


I am very excited about this topic! It is innovative, fun and it’s  good enough to eat!


In a month I will tell you much more ……….. So I wait you in shortly for becoming in a part of what it’s coming…


It’s been  so nice to share this time with you.


Today I fulfilled one of my dreams: interviewing to Fiona Ferrer. I follow her from”Fiona I need you!” She is a woman who I admire, an extraordinary person and a great professional, so from here I send you all my support and best wishes in her new projects. Thanks for giving me a few minutes of your time and granting me this interview.

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