Gregory and Sylvia Fashion Interview

Today we want to introduce you Gregory and Sylvia, a Brand of accesories and bags with Chic Designs and high quality ítems.

-Tell us about your company?

Gregory and Sylvia was started with the notion to create a beautiful designs for women ( and men with expansio). We also wanted to use our skills to built something together. Those that already know us know that Gregory and Sylvia is not a single designer, but we are a husband and a wife team , and Sylvia is my wife Terri’s middle name.

We work with each other and use each others strenghts to make things happen.

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– So what are your individual strenghts?

When people ask about our roles in our company and our strengths , we tell them that  I (Gregory) and the “right brain” and the Terri is the “left brain”. My strenghts are centered on the creative process, art , design, and visual cues while Terri’s strenghts are some of the other important necessities of any business such as the finances and numbers planning and organizing. While she often helps with designing and I help with planning, we know our strenghts and lean on each other to cover our weaknesses.

-Why did you decided to make your own Brand?

We were both business minded and we wanted to do something together. Terri was fond of handbags and I enjoyed designing so we decided to marge our passions to create and build something together.


– How would you drescribe Gregory Sylvia’s Brand of styles?

We would describe the Gregory and  Sylvia Brand of styles as “executive chic” . Our Brand is focused on the expression of power in an elegant way.



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