Behind the fashion Brand “Gallabia” are Etti Zayeg and Merav Hadari, with a common love for fashion, together they bring to life Gallabia.


After years of travelling across the world and exploring fashion from various cultures, they have come to the conclusion that comfort and color are the two most important aspects of fashion. It is a known fact that colors can change the way we feel and have a tremendous effect on our self-esteem; and once you combine the right colors with the right outfit – you’re no longer shopping for clothes, but for a great experience.




Having realized that, they developed a unique color scheme especially for their brand. Their colors, textures and effortless forms make for a one-of-a-kind adventure. The brand reveals diverse pieces, from effortless caftans and casual shirts to evening dresses and hand-crafted jewelry. Gallabia combines timeless ethnic styles with urban styles that suit women of all ages.





Their signature item is the caftan, which they took from its original form and turned into an urban, timeless piece. They really make amazing and unique pieces.

Etti Zayeg and Merav Hadari founders and designers from Gallabia


Since launching its first store, Gallabia has grown from a small boutique brand to a luxury brand with many devoted followers.

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