Colours of my life

COLOURS OF MY LIFE is the vision of entrepreneurs Anca and Cristian Stefanescu, a Romanian couple who share the passion for art and object. Anca’s career spanned art, advertising as a DI Colorist and graphic designer while Cristian bridged the academic career with consulting and business development entrepreneurial experience.


They chose to combine their passion with their love for art and open an online store with limited artwares editions, hand-made pieces, designed by Anca and using prints with Anca’s drawings and paintings.



They aspire to blur the boundaries between art and fashion accessories.



Every  garment from Colour of my life is unique, they are made handmade not only because the ethical and conscious process, but also because of the good energy of the objects. To create something unique takes time. It takes time for my colours to find their perfect glow told the fashion designers : All the prints are handmade; they are my paintings and my drawings who found their right way to come in your life.


Stay tuned to Van Der Love Magazine to  all the news about Colours of my life, meanwhile you can visit its site  to know more about it

Amanda Chic

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