CATS ON A ROOF // Exclusive Editorial

“Cats on a Roof” is inspired in the film “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” the 1958 film directed by Richard Brooks , based on the stage play by Tennessee Williams. Not wanting to recreate a historic set (inspired only to the 50s), our regular contributor Ilaria Iacoviello decided to proceed as follows .

In a first stage, Ilaria analyzed the posters, graphics, fashion, make-up of those years and tried to create a first level of reading very adherent to the historical reference period. Then she decided to challenge it with the most current imagery linked to the world of fashion and the figure of a model.

She have chosen Laura for the part of the woman in 50s inspired by Liz Taylor, a girl who is not a model by profession, but remembers the traits and even gestures of her. Ilaria have chosen her for her passion for these years, a passion that expresses spontaneously. All changes were decided by Laura and then compared with Ilaria. As the art director, Ilaria wanted to make a clear comparison between her figure and its freshness and naturalness, typical of those years. The focus was on how it’s changed the concept of beauty. In this set is the current fashion to be considered an interference within the historic adhesion .

Speaking about the chosen location, the hotel allowed Ilaria to then create an additional break, dropping a set 50s, in beautiful pictures and decorations from Oriental taste. Awesome job, we believe.

Full Credits:
ART DIRECTOR Ilaria Iacoviello
MAKEUP ARTIST Giulia Webber De Biasi
MODELS & STYLISTS Ilaria Iacoviello – Laura Sansotera
LOCATION Enterprise Hotel Milano – Design Hotel & Congress Centre

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