AID | Interview

Today I want to present Aida Alonso Iglesias, artistically known as AID, a Galician rapper, singer and urban songwriter of Vigo.

Aid was the image of the “A calquera hora” on Televisión de Galicia composing and performing the song “Apréndeo”. Besides appearing in the TV commercial for the chain, she  was involved in the full campaign video.

 Winner of Heineken Green Space Festival in Valencia and iTunes Worldwide cover whith the  song Boogie Vigo as latin single of the week. Her song was heard in the U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, France, Japan, Norway and Switzerland by million people.

 Her style rejects crime and the rappers stereotypes. Aid is committed to a clean rap and values.

– WHo is Aid?
A Girl from Vigo who loves music, sport and another things.

– Where does the interest in music?
Since childhood I liked music, dancing or singing I always heard something, and little by little I discovered more music.I met hip hop at twelve years old, it was a culture that contained everything I liked to do, sing, dance and paint, and that fully hooked me.

 – What were your first steps in this world?
They were very slowly, with great enthusiasm, and just enjoying. Almost always alone,in my way, and doing what I liked it, no more.

– Do you have a reference in the world of music? Who are your influences?
I love all music of any style and all I hear influences me. I’m loving soul and funk music, the 70s and 80s, 90s rap, and many more artists that have nothing to do with it. I enjoy the music, regardless of style.

– How is the writing process? What things inspire you when composing?
What goes through my head every day. Well what worries me, or what makes me smile, or cry, or cause me any feeling within me. I think the important thing is to feel alive, happy or sad, but always feel something. I think it’s worse when you do not feel anything. There is no life, no letters, nothing.

-Why did you decide to do a book-album that revisits loves rap and urban music classic literature Galician as Rosalia de Castro, Manuel Antonio, Curros Enriquez or Alvaro Cunqueiro?
It was a contact with Editorial Galaxia came suddenly. Came the idea, I loved it because I always  was  fan of Rosalia classical poets and Galician, and it was an honor to work on that. It’s a job for which I am very proud.

– How important are the lyrics autobiographical?
A weight of 100%.

– In 2008 you were the winner of the fourth edition of the Heineken Greenspace Festival in Valencia, ahead of more than 1300 groups, becoming the first winning rapper and the youngest artist what you feel when they recognize your work?
It feels satisfaction and that everything was worth it.

– Are you playing for more than a few dozen people in a room or to act to thousands in a stadium or festival?
Honestly, I have had much more of the former than the latter. So I’ve grown attached to the former, sing for people and be able to see the face, and then to stay in the room talking to some, quietly. I like it much.

– Radio host, a television reporter, singer and songwriter, plus engineering student ,How do you combine facets as diverse as music, engineering Telecommunications and radio host be?
Enjoying each one of the things when I do them. If you divide the time it  multiplies. And boom. Hahaha.

– Comfort and style?
Whenever both. If I’m not comfortable, I will not. If I’m not stylish, I will not.

– Can you confess  me a sublime moment lived in the world of music?
I think there are many. Each concert itself has its special. Some not by the impact, even for the number of people who come, but rather by the energy that permeates the place, by the special atmosphere between we are, or small details that go.

What do you plan for your immediate future?
Right now I’m preparing the single’s music video for the launch of my new album. Hope soon, it is taking its time, but in a few months will be the entire disk.


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Money Maker | Exclusive Editorial


“oh, she just keeps me guessing
oh, never tells me yes and
oh, i just can’t let go
nothing that i show will ever do, for you
hey na na she’s a money maker
hey na na she’s gonna take ya
way down down she’s bound to break ya
hey nah she’s a money maker”



Photographer: Edgar Keats
Makeup Artist: Mercedes Molina
Hairstyling: Kasia Fortuna
Hairstyling Assistants: Doubravka Marcinkova and Mead Ali
Wardrobe Styling: Becksy Lou
Models: Abi Green, Diana C. and Isabelle Johnson @ Models 1

Making-of Video: Edgar Keats/Sérgio Fouto
Featured Music: The Black Keys – Money Maker

Shot at: 1_14 Studio, London

Special thanks to: Mariann Fercsik @ 1_14 Studio



Photographer: Edgar Keats –
Makeup Artist: Sónia Cintra –
Wardrobe Stylist: Cláudia Ferreira
Hair Designer: S. Ferreira
Model: Dani Yordanova @Central Models
Video: Black Vultures TV
Photo Assistant: Paulo Trindade
Video Assistant: Inêz Rebello

In this shooting, our major reference was Christina Hendricks, a woman with striking features, sexy and elegant. A lot of the “plus size” women take her as an inspiration.
Women who have hourglass body shape are those that have the body more proportional and has more freedom to use almost anything they want. So, here’s an ode to the plus.
Cláudia Ferreira