Fashion meets Art // Exclusive Editorial

As the worlds of Fashion and Art intersect on the grand scale in museums around the globe (with New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute currently hosting the blockbuster Comme Des Garçons exhibit) we thought it would be interesting to juxtapose the two worlds in a somewhat less formal environment. The Chelsea Gallery district in New York is one of the most vibrant locations for viewing contemporary art in the world, so it seems natural to run our ‘experiment’ there – just a few subway stops away from the Met…

Congratulations Robert Altman and all of your team for this incredible work. We love it.

Golden Romantic // Exclusive Editorial

Photography: Julia Rabkin
Stylist: Julianna Pastella
Hair: Shannon Fleming
Makeup: Maggie Carlin
Models: Kayla Conine & Jamie Pike

Metal Atoms // Exclusive Editorial

Photographer and Retouch – Marta Piroli (@martapiroliphoto)
Assistant – Carlotta Broglio (@carlottabroglio)
MUA – Dayana Fredes (@dayanafredes)
Hair – Justine Locatelli (@locate.justine) and Renato Arta (@renatoarta)
Styling – Riccardo Carrapa (@rikcarry)
Styling assistant – Simone Battista (@xsimonebattista) and Cristina Trabattoni (@cricicu)
Model – Rhina @boommodel Milano (@kateromankova)

Franco // Exclusive Editorial

Photography by Marcela Keller (Mavike Studio)
Model: Franco
Styling: Mari Danielski
Make up: Isadora Souza
Retouch: Tales Henn