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“When I take responsibility for my health, my emotions and my life, my consciousness of life as a whole widens and I can clearly understand the intrinsic connections we have with the world in which in live in, thus creating a greater sense of responsibility with all life forms in our planet.”

Silvia Patzsch, Brazil

Silvia Patzsch is an actress and an educator. She’s been working with Art Education and Health for over 15 years, aiming at sharing crucial information on self-knowledge and the consequent creation of health and living satisfaction, while actively promoting a sustainable, fair and balanced existence for all.

The show As Úteras (The Female Uteruses) was created by Silvia Patzsch and Katia Horn, visual artist, with the intent of enlightening women and men, providing them with the correct information and understanding of the female reproductive organ. The show is part of a set of performances and exhibitions of the Brazilian reflection group Az Encontradas (https://www.facebook.com/AzEncontradas), dedicated to the feminine universe and the general society’s health.

The so called women’s empowerment necessarily entails the knowledge of  the female body, its cycle, its anatomy and physiology, the hormonal system and the monthly responsibility of generating life (or not). Although this information seems obvious, it’s not. Over the times, there has been quite a few stories and myths around women and reproduction, derived either from religion or from the lack of information.

During the creative process, Silvia and Katia came across all sorts of doubts and questions, they tackled implicit subjects such as the period, sexuality and the woman as a family health reference, sharing responsibility with the man. They agreed on the need for an open dialogue on the theme.

The show As Úteras deals with all these subjects with great humor, focusing of the clarification of the mystery of life, laying taboos aside and engaging each one of us on a marvelous and fundamental discovery of the powerful organ that brings us here – the uterus.

Their first performance was in 2012, at the p.ARTE #4, in Curitiba, Brazil (http://vimeo.com/48943102). Presently, Silvia is developing a full program on the subject to be presented at the Secretaria Extraordinária da Mulher de Curitiba (Curitiba Woman’s Extraordinary Secretary) and especially designed for the women who seek help there. The show As Úteras will definitely be on it and is accepting invitations, as well as funding, from whomever is willing to be a part of this noble enterprise.

. What have you done today to change the world? .

by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira





Uzurii is a fashion label with a clear and strong signature – the ultimate combination of casual glamour and timeless elegance and the expression of the designer’s passion and acute eye for fashion. Initially fashion designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos developed Uzurii to make women feel elegant and attractive and, above all, feminine. Followed only a year later by a men’s collection, based on the same design vision and crafted with the same care as the ladies’ line.

The Uzurii collection consists of a series of luxurious, largely handmade footwear for ladies and men. Years of research and development preceded the production and the brand never ceases to strive to improve comfort, quality and durability. Uzurii designer Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos has a passion for the best materials, semi-precious stones and luxurious details. Every Uzurii article is created as a gift to you (or to a special friend) and is presented in a luxurious box .


Its founder Shieglee Ferreira dos Santos was born in Brazil’s Amazon rain forest and moved to the slums of Rio de Janeiro at the age of five. The young Shieglee had three big wishes: to have a pair of shoes of her own, dance like a real samba queen on one of the floats in a carnival parade and sleeping in Rio de Janeiro’s most beautiful hotel for one night.


At the age of 13 she moved to The Netherlands, sailed through high school and graduated from fashion academies. Being able to absorb the most valuable elements of both cultures, she grew to be the creative and self-assured woman she is today. Thirty years on, all her wishes have been fulfilled – she has stayed at the hotel where her mother was once a chambermaid and danced as the breathtakingly glamorous Isis in Rio de Janeiro’s Samba. Her passion and unique sense for fashion resulted in a worldwide successful fashion brand. Together with her team of dedicated professionals Shieglee tirelessly works on new and more beautiful collections, inspiring, encouraging and helping others to reach their dreams.



Uzurii Luxury Footwear is a unique fashion label with a clear refreshing signature. The ultimate commitment of casual glamour and femininity. www.uzurii.com


Ancestral Opulence // Editorial Exclusive

The growing trend of ethic inspiration in contemporary fashion has come full circle with Rajdeep Ranawat’s collection.
By Stacy Ellen

Ranawat_Page 1
India is known for its incredible embroidery and textiles, but in recent years the global fashion market has also started recognizing India’s luscious designers. Rajdeep Ranawat is one of these designers that take inspiration from ethnic, vintage and modern fashion trends. His collection “Beyond the Cold” of the AW14 season was inspired from the cold forests where myths are born and legends are created, which illustrates the opulence with the infusion of these elements. Many new styles proceed…

Ranawat_Resort_A_Page 3

Ranawat takes inspiration from nature, his ancestors, vintage trends and the international fashion market to create a luxurious collection. Ranawat describes his collections as, “Where civilizations have thrived and then withered away into oblivion. It captures the possibility of the blurred lines between imagination and reality.”
With India coming of age and embracing globalization according to a Scholars World report, it is a pleasure to see a designer stay true to his roots but at the same time keep up with current global fashion trends. This somewhat new globalization of the Indian market creates an open field for innovation as Ranawat says, “By generating
diverse digital and embroidered pieces the collection tells innovative stories and deliver powerful ideas of fortress once beautified
by the wild imagination of human talent and creativity and their eventual downfall to the wilderness.”
My first impression of Ranawat’s collection is that it takes inspiration from the direction Dolce & Gabbana has gone in the last few seasons. Old world elegance with contemporary styling. Rajdeep Ranawat tries to graphically capture a sense of degenerating mosaics and lost handcrafted artifact; crumbling architectural structures over run by the forest, of treasures lost and parchments dissipated. The collection is created using pure fabrics like silk crepe, silk georgettes, organza and chandheri, the collection reflects its inspiration through its fabric treatment.
The “Beyond the Cold” collection is based in the variety and versatility of Rajdeep Ranawat’s resources and skills, the spontaneity of ideas and the heterogeneity of our Indian craftsmen, knowing that every garment is unique and singular. This trend has been on the forefront in the international market for a few seasons where the combination of new technology and old world esthetics meet to create a true harmony in style.

Ranawat_Headshot_Page 3
Ranawat was educated at The Lawrence School, Sanawar; then went on to graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi in 2000. He gained vast exposure and experience with a French fashion house based in Paris, ‘ISHWAR, S.A.’ and trained himself in European embroideries, colors and silhouettes under the guidance of various commercial French designers.
Thereafter he was appointed as the ‘chief designer’ for a New York based fashion house, and designed for the likes of brands such as
Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, etc…. only to give him enough aptitude to launch his own brand label in 2004 for the domestic and the overseas markets. He fused European culture in terms of colors and embroideries combined the feel of the Orient, the commercial charm of Vintage and the essence of the generic cuts of his silhouettes that ooze elegance and create stance for all…

Ranawat_Page 4
‘Rajdeep Ranawat’, the label first launched in Oct’ 2004 is synonymous to women with an aura of glamour and charisma.
Ranawat said, “The Indian Fashion Consumer is a globe trotter today, they are well educated, and travel constantly for work or pleasure or both! With the foreign luxury and high street brands in India erupting.” There has also been an influx of high end designers such as Dior, Galliano, Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin outsourcing parts of their manufacturing to India according to a New
York Times article, which again brings this ethnic design trend full circle.
The American market has embraced Rajdeep Ranawat’s collections as well and he says, “Our resort wear is very popular not only in the Americas, but in India and other parts of the globe too… they are light, airy, breezy in luxurious silks and chiffons, with artworks that are exclusive and cuts that are comfortable and European in nature.”
Rajdeep Ranawat can be purchased in India at Ogaan, AZA, Fuel, Designer Studio, Elan, Ahamm, Anahita, Samsaara, as well as leading retailers in Hong Kong, South Africa,Jakarta, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New York, and London.
In the United States at Madison Avenue and ‘SoigneK’ in New York City as well as ‘Fashion’ by Rohini Bedi in LosAngeles, California. For the current collection and
stocklist visit www.ranawat.com

What have you done today to change the world? Create events for children with cancer

“It came to my mind that we could make a presentation about the Brazilian wildlife for the Mahak children at the hospital, here in Tehran.”

Sahar Verdi, Iran

Sahar Verdi works at the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and had been interested in helping Mahak – Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer (www.mahak-charity.org) for some time. The society, based in Tehran, has been growing as more people join to help (financially, producing events, etc.).

The perfect idea came to her when the embassy invited the Brazilian photographer Ricardo Martins (www.ricardomartins.org) to show his work at the Brazilian Week, in December 2014. After listening to his astonishing stories and experiences, Sahar proposed a presentation for the hospitalized children so they could get to know a little more about Brazil’s nature and beauty and the great Amazon jungle.

Both the embassy and the Mahak society were enthusiastic about her idea, and the event took place that same week. Sahar was the translator, as she also speaks Portuguese. The show was a great success among the children, who attentively absorbed all the information provided about wild animals and their lives.

This valuable work will have continuity, though, and both countries will collaborate in organizing exhibitions of nature drawings by children suffering from cancer. The main purpose is to provide the little ones with due care, affection and environmental education, and also to encourage more people to join charities such as the Mahak society.

. What have you done today to change the world? .

by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira


What have you done today to change the world? Sponsor a Child

“I was so impressed with the Cambodian people – they always have a smile on their faces despite the extreme poverty in which most of them live. I started to do some research on the Internet and that’s how I came across CCF – Cambodian Children’s Fund.”
Lurdes, Portugal
Lurdes is a retired English and German Teacher and a devoted mother of two (now, adults). Before visiting Cambodia, Lurdes was aware that the country had been under a severe dictatorship by Khmer Rouge, responsible for a mass extinction of the country’s population. She also knew that Cambodians were widely known for their kindness and warmth. After her first visit, in 2008, she was amazed with the country’s beauty and even more with its people’s, and when investigating a little more on that special place, she found CCF – Cambodia Children’s Fund.
CCF’s founder, Scott Neeson, is the former President of film production company 20th Century Fox. While visiting Cambodia, in 2003, he witnessed the misery of so many children and their families and he simply couldn’t go back to his old luxurious life. He sold all his assets, moved to Cambodia and created the CCF (https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/).
Lurdes decided to sponsor a child and contacted CCF. When asked if she preferred a girl or a boy, she said it didn’t matter. Srey Rath, a 15-year-old girl, was assigned to her and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship nourished through e-mails and regular visits. The yearly sponsorship is 1200 USD (or more, if one so desires).
Srey Rath is now in the university, studying Management, and will remain under the care of CCF until she’s independently established in life.
Lurdes always refers to Srey Rath as her Cambodian daughter.
. What have you done today to change the world? .
by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira