Santa Braguita

Santa Braguita Barcelona is a project born in 2007, Marie begins with the creation of a collection of very bold, colorful and daring underwear. The work is carried forward, hard and is taking shape. The public response is fast; in general, more and more people who believe in original and quality garments. The family is growing and reaching new “Santeros” members and essential parts to aggrandize what time has been consolidating.




Passionate about dance, Marie creates a workspace of dancers to  spare time, participate in making her panties and thus be a bridge from art and toward art.


So as Santa Braguita is growing and flourishing garments: with love and breaking all canons existing in traditional companies. local work is encouraged, remake production chains, always wanting, always with understanding, listening, mutual respect, fostering the spirit of sharing, treat yourself and enjoy everything, group, family and dancing. They leave their  daily chores and offer some of their small world of colors.


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Teresa Martins Interview TM Collection

Last Saturday we have the pleasure to attend the TM Collection Fashion Show in Portugal Fashion Week, where her Creative Director Teresa Martins present her new collection “Entre Serras”, an amazing show, who take us to a magical world where the designer materialized trees above the heads of the models.

Visionary, creative and innovative, the Fashion Designer Teresa Martins (the creative Director of TM Collection) has one of the most exciting and meaningful careers in the international scene. Her contribution to this discipline has set new artistic standards. Today we are going to know more about Teresa Martins.


–  What were your beginnings in the Fashion World?

Back in the early 2000s, I had a home décor store named ‘Coisas da Terra’ (roughly translating in English as ‘things from Earth’). One day, one of our Indian textile suppliers brought a suitcase full of beautiful textiles (embroidered cottons, organdy, natural silks; these were all very uncommon and hard to find in Europe). I had just taken painting classes, and for some reason started envisioning all these fabrics in colorful clothes never seen before. I shared my vision with the supplier and he challenged me to follow him to India and bring to life a unique fashion collection. And so I did. We prepared a capsule collection to unveil at Maison et Objet fair in Paris in Spring-Summer 2005. The collection was a success and TMcollection was born.

– How is the woman who wear TM collection? What differentiates Tm Collection from another brands?

 The woman who wears TMcollection is sophisticated, artistic. She is someone who appreciates quality over pure fashion, and has a more mature advanced style.Our customers tend to be cosmopolitan, well-travelled, educated, and affluent. We find that our customers related very deeply to our values as a brand and to the collections we design. Our clients tend to be very dedicated to the brand. Sometimes, we are very fortunate to receive visits from clients who just want to meet us, spend an afternoon in our showroom and stores, and talk to the team! They love to embrace TMcollection’s lifestyle.


-Which is the fabric or material that you usually work in your collections?

Most fabrics are exclusive, natural and sourced especially for each collection. As base fabric, we tend to design with high-quality silk, hand-loomed cotton, linen, and wool.For the finishing touches, we love to use mother of pearl, and metallic threads. Our fabrics and materials are sourced in India and Portugal. We normally produce our collections in these countries as well.

-What can you tell us about your new collection “Entre serras”? Why this name?

Entre Serras in Portuguese translates roughly as “In between mountains”. This collection was inspired by the Northern Portuguese mountain ranges – particularly the beautiful landscape Serra da Estrela. The mountains austerity was mirrored in straight-shaped oversized silhouettes, with sober autumn colors in wool, velvet, silk, and cotton.

Since early conception, we wanted to design this collection so it would reflect and respect the Portuguese ancient traditions of wool manufacturing and usage.

– The staging is very important in your catwalks., your performance are always amazing. We had the pleasure of being with you on the backstage and you take care of everything. How do you feel minutes before the catwalk?

Thank you for your visit first of all! It was great to meet in person and have the opportunity to show you our work backstage. The idea for the fashion show usually develops when we are designing the collection. In the months before the show itself, we meet to develop the concept further and organize (from styling and casting, to the music, choreography and set). We always want our shows so to reflect much more than just fashion – we aim to create an environment, and particular atmosphere. We work hard so that the show embodies our TMcollection lifestyle.


-Could you confess a sublime moment lived in the Fashion World?

Right when we unveiled our first collection at Maison et Objet in 2005, I knew I want to take much further and present a collection at an internationally renowned fashion show. To show a collection in a catwalk was (and still is) the yardstick to become a great fashion brand. For this reason, I set the objective and we worked hard to reach it – It took us 4 years before we were ready to show our collection. TMcollection was invited to showcase the collection at Moda Lisboa in September 2009. I had never been in such a powerful public spotlight. When the show ended, all the audience stood up and gave a standing ovation. This feat was in the national news. I was tremendously fulfilled and proud of TMcollection.


-Where can we buy your clothes?

You can buy our collections on our online store (, on our branded stores in Portugal, and in our amazing network of over 300 retailers in almost 40 countries around the world.


– What are your upcoming projects?

We working on our three running and upcoming collections – focusing in marketing our SS15 collection around the world, producing the FW15 in India and Portugal, and brainstorming our SS16 collection in Lisbon.On the side, we love special projects – these are great opportunities we are given to extend TMcollection’s lifestyle. We are designing exclusive wedding dresses for summer, decorating hotels and restaurants, and developing special collections for large clients in South Africa and France.

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The German brand Stoffrausch creates designs for real life, its urban and avant-garde creations which are aimed at a young audience, reflecting the current style  of the modern life according to the busy life of the big cities like Berlin, city where the brand  was born, showing that cosmopolitan spirit.







I  love their clothes, because they are made with organic cotton, which makes them comfortable clothing, since organic fibers produce smoother fabrics that feel better on the skin.















Designs with great force, a little unconventional, colorful and wonderful.




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Jordi Dalmau Interview


 The Catalonian designer Jordi Dalmau is a perfectionist man with every one of his designs, highlighting the best of every bride, with projects full of hope.

 An original and distinctive bet which  wear a bold and sensual bride, that hiding under bulky overskirts her figure perfectly tight, offering the possibility of wearing two different outfits on that special day.The  transformation  is instantaneous of a wedding dress to a party dress. It is in the small details that manages to offer a proposal Jordi bride that suits the dress she had always dreamed.




JORDI DALMAU Brides was founded in 2001 as a young and dynamic company, willing to break the rules  in the bridal industry, given its commitment to colored wedding dresses.


He loves the women’s curves and loves to enhance her waist, which is why their corsets wedding dresses have a striking visual effect,  it reduces 5 centimetres . Yeah! 5centimetres


We enter into the magical world of Jordi Dalmau, with a funny and great performance , and  dresses fully customized.


How do you remember your start in the fashion world?

My start in the fashion world, were given to some doors closed, precisely in this world and then  I decided to create my own brand and make it known internationally. It’s still difficult, and more with these times, so We don’t cease in our efforts and doing the best.



– What differentiates Jordi Dalmau’s proposals from other wedding dresses that we can find in the market?

What differentiates us from other brands is the wide range of color schemes found in our collections, always respecting the traditional white dresses, with our modern twist.


– Specially emphasize in your collections removable and colour full designs  How  is Jordi Dalmau’s bride?

Jordi Dalmau’s bride is a bold and modern girl, but  traditional at the same time , it’s a mixture of all of them, which is not carried away by fads and better bet to be unique on your great day.




– More and more you are calling from abroad to parade and present your collections, would you like  to wear some celebritie ?

We would be delighted if any celebrities dress our designs, but one that would look best with her curves  she would certainly be Beyoncé.


– What is the reason that you direct your work to design for brides?

Our work is directly focused to brides, because it’s a very special design, which theoretically wears a girl once in her life. Must be a design that reflects her personality and style. I like looking for exclusivity in each of them, adapting the dress to the person in particular is something magical, personal and exclusive where you are very in touch with the bride to create this great piece that will  make it unforgettable.


– Do you remember the first piece that you created?

The first piece I created, I remember as a little crazy, I thought I only liked me, until I realized that  people wears what  out of my head ..


-You have made a  short film with Javier Lozano for signature, a horror movie. how was the experience?

  Getting to make the elixir short film what I had in my head, scripted, directed and exhibited in various short film festivals, including Sitges. A pleasure to work with them and an exhausting experience and for this  I don’t think that I repeat it  again. I love design, it’s my job.


-Your daughter Iris has starred on several occasions the performance. How does she inspire your collections?

My daughter Iris is the main reason why i’m moving. Without her, my collections would be meaningless. Even sometimes, in our travels, she gives me crazy ideas that gradually  I turned into reality. Currently she accompanies me on every catwalk, because it gives me strength and courage to go ahead.

– How does it feel to see your designs paraded on runways as Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week?

The first time we march in Barcelona Bridal Week, it was something special that can’t be explained with words … see everything that has come from the hands of my team, parading with great models, which make it float on a cloud, you have to  down and transform it into reality.



– If you hadn’t been a fashion designer. what would you  liked to be?

If it weren’t a designer, I think I could have spent my time on anything artistic related  with crafts. In fact, I started my career as a florist.


– How is the bridal collection of Jordi Dalmau for this 2014?

The bride elixir 2014, is a girl who defends the tradition  mixed whith whom is  modern, transgressive, something very common in all our collections.


– Where can we buy your clothes?

Our dresses are available in some exclusive locations in Spain, such as our workshop in Granollers (Barcelona), Zaragoza, Valencia, Madrid, Vitoria, Galicia, France, Portugal, Belgium and this year also in Qatar.



-And finally, A dream to be done?

My dream is to perform a catwalk in the New York Fashion Week, along with great professionals  as Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera, to Cross the pond.



Thank you so much to Jordi Dalmau for granting me this interview.