What have you done today to change the world? Inspire children

“Our dreams are some of the most precious things we possess. I hope my speaking and singing have a positive impact on these children.”
Kevin Short, USA
Kevin Short is an Opera singer and has been performing since 1987 in theaters all over the world.
Recently, within the scope of the commemorations of Black History Month, in USA (celebrated in February), he started visiting schools and talking to children (aged 6 to 12 and from varied backgrounds) about the vital importance of pursuing the dreams cherished by each one of us, and keep them free from external influences that may eventually, for one reason or another, end up annulling them.
Another relevant part of the talk was about the beauty and the significance of cultivating perseverance. In most parts of the world, and due to the way societies have evolved, associated with advances in areas such as technology, communities got accustomed to results and rewards coming rather quickly.
However, in order to keep cherishing our dreams and, along the way, get to fulfill some (or all) of them, it is imperative that we maintain hope and sheer belief in our visions. Only so will we sustain dreams and renovate vitality. Only so, will life itself have opportunity to happen.
Hard work, or facing whichever tasks, ideas or plans we have with perseverance, is not only a way to build inner strength and positiveness, but it’s also a solid means to understanding our life learning path.
The benefits of such commitment may not always be obvious or immediate, yet carrying on with a certain work ethic and engaging ourselves in the best way we know, will eventually lead to the desired achievement of goals and our involvement will certainly not have been in vain.
Dreams belong to each one of us and each one of us should have the freedom to try to pursue them.
. What have you done today to change the world? .
by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira

What have you done today to change the world? Share knowledge

“When I take responsibility for my health, my emotions and my life, my consciousness of life as a whole widens and I can clearly understand the intrinsic connections we have with the world in which in live in, thus creating a greater sense of responsibility with all life forms in our planet.”

Silvia Patzsch, Brazil

Silvia Patzsch is an actress and an educator. She’s been working with Art Education and Health for over 15 years, aiming at sharing crucial information on self-knowledge and the consequent creation of health and living satisfaction, while actively promoting a sustainable, fair and balanced existence for all.

The show As Úteras (The Female Uteruses) was created by Silvia Patzsch and Katia Horn, visual artist, with the intent of enlightening women and men, providing them with the correct information and understanding of the female reproductive organ. The show is part of a set of performances and exhibitions of the Brazilian reflection group Az Encontradas (https://www.facebook.com/AzEncontradas), dedicated to the feminine universe and the general society’s health.

The so called women’s empowerment necessarily entails the knowledge of  the female body, its cycle, its anatomy and physiology, the hormonal system and the monthly responsibility of generating life (or not). Although this information seems obvious, it’s not. Over the times, there has been quite a few stories and myths around women and reproduction, derived either from religion or from the lack of information.

During the creative process, Silvia and Katia came across all sorts of doubts and questions, they tackled implicit subjects such as the period, sexuality and the woman as a family health reference, sharing responsibility with the man. They agreed on the need for an open dialogue on the theme.

The show As Úteras deals with all these subjects with great humor, focusing of the clarification of the mystery of life, laying taboos aside and engaging each one of us on a marvelous and fundamental discovery of the powerful organ that brings us here – the uterus.

Their first performance was in 2012, at the p.ARTE #4, in Curitiba, Brazil (http://vimeo.com/48943102). Presently, Silvia is developing a full program on the subject to be presented at the Secretaria Extraordinária da Mulher de Curitiba (Curitiba Woman’s Extraordinary Secretary) and especially designed for the women who seek help there. The show As Úteras will definitely be on it and is accepting invitations, as well as funding, from whomever is willing to be a part of this noble enterprise.

. What have you done today to change the world? .

by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira


Titis Clothing ” Sisterland”

TitisClothing celebrates its first decade of life and celebrates it  with Sisterland  its new Autumn / Winter 2015 collection • A conceptual and intimate retrospective through fabrics, patterns and illustrations pick the country invented the three sisters who are at the forefront of the brand Honoring their status  of sisters, Mariángeles, Irene and Minuca Carreño, leading the fashion  brand TitisClothing  and celebrate the first decade of their creative project with Sisterland Fall / Winter 2015.



For the occasion, the three sisters dressed the brand through a conceptual and intimate retrospective of their  life’s work. And, it is impossible to discern where is the line between both worlds. So much so that for this new season the inner worlds of each of them come together; this imaginary universe that recreate the pace and since childhood and that only they know how adventurous they are consummated. Three different souls who separate are wonderful, but they are great to join, as shown in their new collection. And, after a ten-year journey, not without obstacles, they dreamed of growing together and have done so. The three explorers inexhaustible, with backpacks full of wishes and desires decided to take a trip and, although there is still much road ahead, it is the most exciting journey of their lives. They hope not but share it with those who choose to wear their creations: the perfect alternative to differentiate themselves from others. Viscous, crepes, point tricot, stretch fabrics that give comfort and adaptability to the female figure in the autumn-winter season. Opt for sophistication for the evening with transparency, more sheer fabrics that reveal the very feminine figure. Elegant moles, black and orange and pink tones in contrast to the turquoise blue white broken off and make this the most versatile and chic collection .

dress-juana-flora (1)dress-juana-florarebeca-tapiz dress-aurora-green

Aircraft, luggage, binoculars to observe the future but also the past, and a nod to the film world reminiscent director Wes Anderson … are the elements that adorn the fabric of their new creations and concept campaign for Fall / Winter 2015 and also illustrate the memories of the world invented by these sisters, recreated into Sisterland Fall / Winter 2015.



What have you done today to change the world? Create events for children with cancer

“It came to my mind that we could make a presentation about the Brazilian wildlife for the Mahak children at the hospital, here in Tehran.”

Sahar Verdi, Iran

Sahar Verdi works at the Brazilian Embassy in Tehran, Iran, and had been interested in helping Mahak – Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer (www.mahak-charity.org) for some time. The society, based in Tehran, has been growing as more people join to help (financially, producing events, etc.).

The perfect idea came to her when the embassy invited the Brazilian photographer Ricardo Martins (www.ricardomartins.org) to show his work at the Brazilian Week, in December 2014. After listening to his astonishing stories and experiences, Sahar proposed a presentation for the hospitalized children so they could get to know a little more about Brazil’s nature and beauty and the great Amazon jungle.

Both the embassy and the Mahak society were enthusiastic about her idea, and the event took place that same week. Sahar was the translator, as she also speaks Portuguese. The show was a great success among the children, who attentively absorbed all the information provided about wild animals and their lives.

This valuable work will have continuity, though, and both countries will collaborate in organizing exhibitions of nature drawings by children suffering from cancer. The main purpose is to provide the little ones with due care, affection and environmental education, and also to encourage more people to join charities such as the Mahak society.

. What have you done today to change the world? .

by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira


What have you done today to change the world? Sponsor a Child

“I was so impressed with the Cambodian people – they always have a smile on their faces despite the extreme poverty in which most of them live. I started to do some research on the Internet and that’s how I came across CCF – Cambodian Children’s Fund.”
Lurdes, Portugal
Lurdes is a retired English and German Teacher and a devoted mother of two (now, adults). Before visiting Cambodia, Lurdes was aware that the country had been under a severe dictatorship by Khmer Rouge, responsible for a mass extinction of the country’s population. She also knew that Cambodians were widely known for their kindness and warmth. After her first visit, in 2008, she was amazed with the country’s beauty and even more with its people’s, and when investigating a little more on that special place, she found CCF – Cambodia Children’s Fund.
CCF’s founder, Scott Neeson, is the former President of film production company 20th Century Fox. While visiting Cambodia, in 2003, he witnessed the misery of so many children and their families and he simply couldn’t go back to his old luxurious life. He sold all his assets, moved to Cambodia and created the CCF (https://www.cambodianchildrensfund.org/).
Lurdes decided to sponsor a child and contacted CCF. When asked if she preferred a girl or a boy, she said it didn’t matter. Srey Rath, a 15-year-old girl, was assigned to her and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship nourished through e-mails and regular visits. The yearly sponsorship is 1200 USD (or more, if one so desires).
Srey Rath is now in the university, studying Management, and will remain under the care of CCF until she’s independently established in life.
Lurdes always refers to Srey Rath as her Cambodian daughter.
. What have you done today to change the world? .
by Cláudia Gomes Oliveira