A Place In The Woods // Exclusive Editorial

Photographer: Malcolm X Johnson
Wardrobe Stylist: Stacy Ellen
Makeup Artist: Justin Patterson
Model: Tara Heal
Wardrobe: Knitty KittyCouture Mask

I Was Dancing // Exclusive Editorial

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MAKEUP|HAIR: Krisi Vaughn
MODEL: Unique Jenkins

The latest collection from Mondo Guerra has been described by his publicist, Richard Galvin of Galvin PR as a “cleansing” of the designers palette. Guerra’s all white collection has a breath of heavenly spirit at the same time displaying his great sense of detail.

Guerra, an alumni of the “Project Runway” competition is originally from Denver, CO and recently relocated to Brooklyn, NY. His depute on the popular fashion competition show was on season 8, where Guerra finished as runner up, he also appeared on the “All Stars” competition which he won.

Looking back on Guerra’s earlier designs, he is the master of using unusual color, texture and patterns to create unique pieces that work. As described in an “Access Hollywood” story, “Guerra created a collection based on therapy with the reoccurrence of designs inspired by the Rorschach inkblot test.” Not all designer’s can accomplish this task with mastery, but Guerra does.

The latest collection from Mondo Guerra tells a different story. One of cleansing, rebirth possibly, simplicity, with detailed accoutrements such as the use of lucite triangle plates that adorn dresses and skirts from this collection.

According the “Fab Fashion Report,” Guerra, “His new collection is sold at Neiman Marcus, [he] became a milliner’s apprentice, a NYC junior wear company’s designer, and a costume designer. The article also goes on to say, “The AIDS/HIV activist also has an eyewear collection called SEE Eyewear.

For more information visit Mondo Guerra


WATER & POWER // Exclusive Editorial


By Stacy Ellen
Photography Vince Tabora
Hair & Makeup by Krisi Vaughn
Model Anneka Tabone

Showing his collection for the first time in the United States is designer Juan Pablo Martinez at the Moda 360 international show in Los Angeles, California. His collection catches my eye right away with its classic lines, impeccable tailoring and edgy detailing of metal studs and zippers.

Juan Pablo Martinez appears to be a British gent as he introduces himself to me, as I mention this observation, he says, “My grandfather was from the UK.” He is dressed in an impeccably tailored suit, wearing sophisticated wire rim spectacles.

The AUTUMN WINTER 2016-17 COLLECTION is fittingly named MILITARY VS. HEAVY METAL which works perfectly with the location for this editorial shoot. “Water and Power” was shot on location at the pool that wraps around the LADWP building in downtown Los Angeles as well as the metal sculptured structure of the Disney Concert Hall. Martinez describes his love of the music genre of Heavy Metal as part of his inspiration for this collection. Interpretation of the words “heavy metal” can mean many things as displayed even in this article.

As I take a closer look at his womenswear collection, Martinez’s hang tags, display the dedication he has as a designer to not only use materials that are Eco friendly but also his collection is produced mainly from local artisans in his native land of Columbia.

For instance, the “TANK DRESS” was hand knitted by Yessenia Rodriguez, from end of the roll cotton fabric. Another example of this consciousness to the environment is Martinez’s use of “zero waste” 100% local wool fabric and satin short huipil sourced from the last rolls of Columbian factories before they closed due to unfair competition from Chinese suppliers.

This is a testament that not only the United States has participated in non-fair trade deals, which ultimately effects not only the country as a whole but the people that strive to making a living as well.

The “DOUBLE BREASTED VEST” was hand knitted by Erika Marin, a young artist from Zipaquira, Columbia. Showing again the strength and integrity it takes to be a conscious design that employees people which deserve to make a fair living. Yet again another example of this consciousness to Eco friendly design is in the “MILITARY INSPIRED WHITE SHIRT” made from recycled cotton + pet in Envigado, Columbia with Tagua buttons, sown individually with cotton thread by local homeworkers.

As stated in Martinez’s bio on his Not Just A Label profile, “It seems like a lot of ideas for a small collection, but it´s just the drive and the need to push forward that I have as a fashion designer.”

With all this said, the collection encompasses must have staple pieces with a modern edge to anyones wardrobe and it doesn’t hurt that the pieces are so lovingly made as well.

For more information on Juan Pablo Martinez, please visit the prestigious website showcasing independent designers Not Just A Label 



NYFW:Men // Style Exclusive

NYFW: Men 2016:

With menswear sales surpassing womenswear in recent years according to, “EDITED” it’s no wonder that NYFW: Men’s 2016 shows were the hot ticket for February.

EDITED goes on to describe, “There is a generational shift in which consumers are becoming incredibly image-conscious, this translates into shoppers favoring retailers stocking wares aligned with what is being shown on the runway.” There are many independent designers that are doing just that at moderate prices.


The trend that seems to be permitting the fw16 menswear collection shown in New York this season is turn of the century 1910s to the Great Depression of Americana. This season seems to take from years gone past and interpret it in a truly nostalgic version of military/utilitarian with a unisex silhouette.

MaxnChester: NYFW-FW16


WWD describes Max ‘n Chester, “The collection was inspired by the sophistication of Twenties pre-war Italy.” The modern tailoring and esthetics makes collection such as, Max ‘n Chester, Matiere, Hvrminn, Loris Diran and PLAC, must haves for anyone looking to incorporate runway fashion into their everyday wardrobe.


Matiere: NYFW-FW16

Media influences such as i-D magazine reiterates, this “High Street-style” by saying, “the concept of shoppable runways emerges.” With many unisex pieces throughout incorporating the ongoing trend of military influence in a utilitarian high street-style application.

American menswear is borrowing from previous decades much like womenswear has for many years. It’s no wonder that menswear has been out performing womenswear in resent years with this traditional, but undated, sophisticated silhouettes that are always timeless and cutting edge at the same time.

With millennials, baby boomers and everyone in between craving runway fashions that are available direct to market, NYFW: Men doesn’t disappoint and fashion forward men will be clambering for these latest styles before the FW16 season commences.

Photo Credits: NYFW:Men PR Companies

Ancestral Opulence // Editorial Exclusive

The growing trend of ethic inspiration in contemporary fashion has come full circle with Rajdeep Ranawat’s collection.
By Stacy Ellen

Ranawat_Page 1
India is known for its incredible embroidery and textiles, but in recent years the global fashion market has also started recognizing India’s luscious designers. Rajdeep Ranawat is one of these designers that take inspiration from ethnic, vintage and modern fashion trends. His collection “Beyond the Cold” of the AW14 season was inspired from the cold forests where myths are born and legends are created, which illustrates the opulence with the infusion of these elements. Many new styles proceed…

Ranawat_Resort_A_Page 3

Ranawat takes inspiration from nature, his ancestors, vintage trends and the international fashion market to create a luxurious collection. Ranawat describes his collections as, “Where civilizations have thrived and then withered away into oblivion. It captures the possibility of the blurred lines between imagination and reality.”
With India coming of age and embracing globalization according to a Scholars World report, it is a pleasure to see a designer stay true to his roots but at the same time keep up with current global fashion trends. This somewhat new globalization of the Indian market creates an open field for innovation as Ranawat says, “By generating
diverse digital and embroidered pieces the collection tells innovative stories and deliver powerful ideas of fortress once beautified
by the wild imagination of human talent and creativity and their eventual downfall to the wilderness.”
My first impression of Ranawat’s collection is that it takes inspiration from the direction Dolce & Gabbana has gone in the last few seasons. Old world elegance with contemporary styling. Rajdeep Ranawat tries to graphically capture a sense of degenerating mosaics and lost handcrafted artifact; crumbling architectural structures over run by the forest, of treasures lost and parchments dissipated. The collection is created using pure fabrics like silk crepe, silk georgettes, organza and chandheri, the collection reflects its inspiration through its fabric treatment.
The “Beyond the Cold” collection is based in the variety and versatility of Rajdeep Ranawat’s resources and skills, the spontaneity of ideas and the heterogeneity of our Indian craftsmen, knowing that every garment is unique and singular. This trend has been on the forefront in the international market for a few seasons where the combination of new technology and old world esthetics meet to create a true harmony in style.

Ranawat_Headshot_Page 3
Ranawat was educated at The Lawrence School, Sanawar; then went on to graduate from the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi in 2000. He gained vast exposure and experience with a French fashion house based in Paris, ‘ISHWAR, S.A.’ and trained himself in European embroideries, colors and silhouettes under the guidance of various commercial French designers.
Thereafter he was appointed as the ‘chief designer’ for a New York based fashion house, and designed for the likes of brands such as
Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Lord & Taylor, etc…. only to give him enough aptitude to launch his own brand label in 2004 for the domestic and the overseas markets. He fused European culture in terms of colors and embroideries combined the feel of the Orient, the commercial charm of Vintage and the essence of the generic cuts of his silhouettes that ooze elegance and create stance for all…

Ranawat_Page 4
‘Rajdeep Ranawat’, the label first launched in Oct’ 2004 is synonymous to women with an aura of glamour and charisma.
Ranawat said, “The Indian Fashion Consumer is a globe trotter today, they are well educated, and travel constantly for work or pleasure or both! With the foreign luxury and high street brands in India erupting.” There has also been an influx of high end designers such as Dior, Galliano, Balenciaga and Christian Louboutin outsourcing parts of their manufacturing to India according to a New
York Times article, which again brings this ethnic design trend full circle.
The American market has embraced Rajdeep Ranawat’s collections as well and he says, “Our resort wear is very popular not only in the Americas, but in India and other parts of the globe too… they are light, airy, breezy in luxurious silks and chiffons, with artworks that are exclusive and cuts that are comfortable and European in nature.”
Rajdeep Ranawat can be purchased in India at Ogaan, AZA, Fuel, Designer Studio, Elan, Ahamm, Anahita, Samsaara, as well as leading retailers in Hong Kong, South Africa,Jakarta, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, New York, and London.
In the United States at Madison Avenue and ‘SoigneK’ in New York City as well as ‘Fashion’ by Rohini Bedi in LosAngeles, California. For the current collection and
stocklist visit www.ranawat.com