Lonkel Paris

Since over 30 years the fashion brand ” Lonkel Paris” has provide to the women of all over the worllld an exceptional collection ranging from classic to original. Listening to the woman, passion, love of fashion, they have dresses to wear to suit your mood and suit any occasion.


Lonkel dress it’s a unique style, an aesthetic version of feminity and a harmonious and elegant silhouette. Over 30 years in creating dresses. The recipe is simple:  Sexy , Classy and natural. They are always listening the needs of all women and trends of the dress. At work, at a party , a café terrace or a ceremony, you will always feel beautiful in L’onkel dress.


Lonkel perfectly fit the curves  or our drapes that refine the silhouette. The brand offers several models of dresses like wallets dresses, elegant dresses with ruffles, pants in Jersey and combinations to be radiant at all times!!! Moreover its dresses can be worn all year, from summer to winter , suitable to all the seasons!.



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Colours of my life

COLOURS OF MY LIFE is the vision of entrepreneurs Anca and Cristian Stefanescu, a Romanian couple who share the passion for art and object. Anca’s career spanned art, advertising as a DI Colorist and graphic designer while Cristian bridged the academic career with consulting and business development entrepreneurial experience.


They chose to combine their passion with their love for art and open an online store with limited artwares editions, hand-made pieces, designed by Anca and using prints with Anca’s drawings and paintings.



They aspire to blur the boundaries between art and fashion accessories.



Every  garment from Colour of my life is unique, they are made handmade not only because the ethical and conscious process, but also because of the good energy of the objects. To create something unique takes time. It takes time for my colours to find their perfect glow told the fashion designers : All the prints are handmade; they are my paintings and my drawings who found their right way to come in your life.


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Titis CLothing SS 2016 ” El jardín del Edén”



Hey Van Der lovers , let me introduce you the new collection from Titisclothing ” El jardín del Edén”



The new collection ” El jardín del Eden” invite us to feel, laugh and to be happy. It opens the door to a world of positivity, satisfaction and light, where you can find light weight garments which stylizes the silhouette.



A collection is inspired in the nature in an exotic travel though the emotions and feelings, full of colour. You find very cheerful and fresh prints with mermaids.
















You can know more about its collection on its site. Stay tuned to Van Der love magazine for more news about Titisclothing




Beverly Feldman

Cinderella is the proof that a pair of shoes can change your life. In Van Der love magazine we are always looking for these masterpieces that change your world like today’s brand Beverly Feldman.












Beverly Feldman is more than a shoe designer, she is an artist. The fashion designer has been designing shoes since she was 23 years old, when she first moved to Spain. Beverly has used Spain as her base, and has watched both the country and the industry evolve over the decades.. Working and selling around the world, She was also one of the first designers to start working in China almost 30 years ago. She love fashion, makeup, and if you check her  Pinterest, you can see right into her inner creative brain.










































With a career of more that 40 years in the shoes world as designer, Beverly Feldman from Van Der love we just want to say that

“Too much Beverly Feldman pair of shoes is not enough”.

Make sure to check out her designs in its site, i think you are goint to fall in love as us.


Beverly Feldman

Veneno en la Piel


Veneno en la Piel it’s an spanish fashion brand with more than 25 years fascinating the women who want to dress sophisticated and updated in the special occasions and in the everyday life  . In its collections , you can find a wide range of dresses, from Wedding dresses  to Cocktail dresses. If you are looking for a gorgeous dress for being the perfect wedding guest you are right. They have a very a fresh, dynamic , femenine , seductive and creative design.



















The brand believe that the quality and design are the base for to be at the forefront without affecting the eye-catching, its collection is designed and made completely in Barcelona.








It girls and celebrities around the world are succumbing to the charms of  ” Veneno en la Piel” … and myself.

Make the difference with Veneno en la Piel


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