Milan Fashion week SS 2018 – Upcoming Spring summer collections, all the news and keys


Last week  Van Der Love Magazine  was in Milano, once again for  covering the Milán Fashion week, our Fashion and Lifestyle Editor  Amanda chic ( Mónica Villar) attend many presentations , showroms and catwalks to bring us all the news of the upcoming ss2018 collections. And let me tell you Van Der Lovers, that next Spring summer really will make the difference!! cause the creative fashion designers has put all her love and passion in the new collection, the most creative collections without any doubt.

So here we go , let me show what caught my eye in the Milano fashion week:

The Racine Carrée presentation bring us to a floral garden, a collection full of color , with sophisticated and comfy shoes  to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time.  Each shoe is the fruit of highest craftsmanship expertise, research of the most luxurious materials and the most sophisticated manufacturing techniques, visiting their showroom i can understand the key of their successful and why they are conquering the international market, they take care of the smallest details.

I love the new collection with spring and pastels colors , could we bring the spring right now ? Racine Carree materilizes the object of desire of women who loves quality and haute couture, giving to each of them the perfect shoe which will not want to do without. The title: the right side of sexy perfect match with this italian brand who are really making the difference in the shoe market.

Alberto Guardiani new collection “Girl Power” contextualizes the collection in a late 90’s mood, where in music, as in the culture, was a wave of neo-Foinism, with exquisitely pop taste. This attentive attitude, but absolutely outrageous, is also representative of the Guardian woman and is why the presentation shows 10 facets of the female soul through 10 works by the international artist LaJaxx. It is therefore a hymn to the woman who is proud of her own body and who deliberately chooses to value it and express it through hyper-feminine shapes and colors, a “power” woman who loves to dare with lightness and femininity.

The new collection of Tosca Blu ss 2018 is full of colour and embroidery details.  I specially have to emphasize in the sneakers collection and the shoes really stunning  in different shapes.

Once upon a time , there were a presentation in a beautiful palace, where Furla shown as her new Spring summer collection called Furla Magic Tales, with  bags with fur and taking care of the smallest details , Furla is doing better every single new collection .

The new Collection of Anna Lisa Caricato is outstanding , her designs in 3d as always , and this time with flower pieces and sea inspiration. The nature is present in this new spring summer collection. This brand is conquering the market all over the world, specially the Asian and Russian Market.

In the cividini’s catwalk ,” The flowers of Gauguin” was the theme. Intarsia knitted pieces are the core soul of Cividini

At Les copains there was this mix of folklore style fashion with bohemian beauty. it was really inspiring

So Van Der lovers… stay tuned to the magazine  for more news and designs.

Eugenio Loarce Interview



Today I am delighted to be able to interview one of those designers that you should not lose sight of: Eugenio Loarce. With more than 10 years in the world of fashion, the manchego designer Eugenio Loarce bets on the design and production Made in Spain handmade, with extremely careful sewing creations, where the lace and trimmings have special prominence, drawing on the arts and Great Kitsch divas.

The barroc garments that persist in the past are her hallmark, being present in all his collections, which are oriented to a woman, with personality, humor and culture, someone who takes the reins of her own life. Eugenio Loarce is a man with a great talent, a great professional who puts passion in his work, with a natural sense of pursuing the beautiful.


“When and how did your start in the design?”

Since I was a small child I frequently do figures, and people who know me from that age always remind me in this way. Also in my house my mother and part of my family are dressmakers.

– How would you define your style?

I try to make unique pieces, available and with a strong personal character. Garments that can be put all the world of any age, condition, etc ….


– what inspires you to create your collections?

In almost everything that surrounds me: books, television, theater, art ..

I try to tell a story or someone through something that I see in any place and then it is a totally manual process: patronage, sewing, complements … If I did not want to tell anything the clothes themselves are already a sewing exercise itself, That we may be able to get to do in the brand and every season we try to improve our previous work or introduce something new.

“Do you have any muse?”

Specifically not, but I like people who are different for something and that accentuates their difference.


Foto Ugo Camera

– How is the woman Eugenio Loarce?

With personality, humor and culture, someone who takes the reins of his own life. A woman who likes fashion and has no prejudices with her.

A woman who enjoys the clothes, not to use and throw and my clothes have a vintage air, that over time they can use it again with few arrangements the next generations

– The spring collection Summer 2017 “Rara Avis” presented at Alicante Fashion Week It was very shocking! Tell us a little more about it.

“RARA AVIS” is a Latin term that applies to a person or thing that is considered uncommon, or to have some characteristic that differentiates it from the others of the same species.

This was the name given to the great exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2005 (Iris Apfel: rare avis). There you could see more than 80 costumes from the peculiar fashion collection of Iris Apfel. In this exhibition there were pieces by Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Nina Ricci, Geoffrey Beene, Lanvin, etc.

Iris Apfel’s fame came to 84 years after being the object of this great exhibition, but nevertheless her style broke molds long ago, when with her peculiar taste showed that the fashion was intuition and that to combine pieces of design with clothes Of the market was not only allowed, but was a way of triumphing ignoring stereotypes. She became an aesthetic reference.

This way of understanding fashion is reflected in this new collection. “RARA AVIS” walks with garments of different styles, eras and shapes that wander along with special accessories, giving a very special character to each look. All this makes the brand walk in a “seasonless” style, as more and more seasons are not so marked by weather, weather, countries …

One of the peculiarities of this collection is the multitude of prints used: tiger heads, squirrels, vichy paintings … As for the tonalities, sober colors like black, gold and beige are used in all their range, The colorful prints. There is a contrast of fabrics, we use both simple and very elaborate haute couture.

“RARA AVIS” is a collection for all those women and men who mix freely and who are not afraid, rather daring to wear.


– If with a dress you had to define the present moment how would you do it?

Special, I can not say more ….

– Is there a future project or plan that you would like to share with us?

Redefine my website for sale online, make a fashion film and continue working, which in the end is what I’m passionate about!


Thanks to Eugenio Loarce for giving me this interview and showing me his collections 🙂 I leave your web page:


“Vigo Bodas” Wedding event

Vigo is getting married this weekend. The emblematic fair “Vigo Bodas” will take place this weekend in Vigo, at the institute Ferial IFEVI. During two days on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th November we will be able to enjoy our annual event with the fair of products and services for everything related to weddings.


This year marks 10 years of Vigo Weddings, the event organized during these years by the company Best Events, which with its know-how and know-how have prepared a lot of surprises for this new edition. This year the image chosen for the poster has attracted my attention, undoubtedly a breakthrough image, always at the forefront with the latest times and new developments in the bridal world.

All couples who are thinking of taking the big step, or all those who just want to enjoy the fashion, and learn about the market news, I recommend you attend this weekend Ifevi. You can find from: catering, jewelry and bridal fashion, Pyrotechnics, photographers, hairdressing services, Photography … Besides enjoying Patricia Avendaño, Happy Novias, Micaela Oliveira  fashion shows and a hairdressing show with Ramiro Gill stylist, who Will update the latest trends in makeup and hairstyles.


In this edition, as in the previous ones, all the visiting couples will have free access to a giveaway sponsored by Patricia Avendaño. To access this award, they will only have to fill out the ballot they will receive when they purchase their entrance to the hall or the invitation and deposit it, completed, in the urn located at the entrance of the pavilion. In its 10th edition, the VigoBodas fair becomes a reference event in which the participating companies have the opportunity to get to know and show the most up-to-date events for the celebration of events, while couples will find everything they Need for a perfect and unforgettable day.

Missing Johnny fashion brand


Missing Johnny is a young, trendy and artistic Spanish collection. It is inspired by art, literature, cinema, theatre and music.
The brand’s prime objective is searching for different textures, shapes and colors, and turning them into exciting compositions.
Missing Johnny offers women urban styles with a high deal of imagination.

The designs join together the daily and the artistic worlds: harmonious compositions of textures, details and color.



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Pio shop




Pioshop project is a Galician brand of two designers Dori and Sandra, who one day decided to open their own clothing company Personalized Baby. A commitment to artisan creation and self-employment, where you can customize your baby clothes with your name or your favorite quote . And the novelty this season is that they have a custom combos for the whole family.

Since the printing of garments to labeling and the original packaging, the entire production process is carried out with their own hands for maximum exclusivity. Everything is taken care with love and affection, so that your gift is customized and it has an original and unique design.

If you are thinking of a special gift, or you will create an event or babyshower, this can be a great idea to customize every detail