Attending “Gotas del Marqués” Wine Tasting Event by Marqués de Vizhoja


This Wednesday I had the pleasure of attending the presentation of “Gotas del Marqués” one of the last projects of Marqués de Vizhoja celebrated in Pazo La Moreira, Arbo, in which were different personalities of the Press, Radio and Televisión.

“Gotas del Marqués” is an innovative product. It’s 7 ml of Brandy, cream liqueur, pomace brandy, licorice, herbal liqueur, Scottish whiskey and aged Dominican rum presented in an original single-dose with an easy packaging system  and a funnel which doesn’t allow dripping , perfect with teas, coffees and desserts. This product already has in its first year, national and international industry awards as the Innoval 2012 in Food or  the Sial D’or in France.

Paula Vázquez & Amanda Chic

Marqués de Vizhoja is the business project of Sr- Mariano Peláez. Founded in 1966 and now already established as a business group , it’s a reference in the wine industry in Spain, which is also hard starting its international expansion, expanding its presence in countries like China and Poland. The pursuit of quality, innovation and development, and care of the image are the keys of this company.

Their legendary wine author Marqués de Vizhoja and the Galician Wines Denominación de Origen Rias Baixas Torre La Moreira and Señor de Folla Verde  are wines with a long journey that are recognized for the  consumers and professionals.

During the event I had the opportunity to meet the  Galician actress, model and hostess Paula Vazquéz current brand image, a great profesional with a lot of talent, and a lovely woman who splurge sympathy at all times.

Paula Vázquez with Javier Peláez , one the owners of Marqués de Vizhoja


We could enjoy a stroll through the warehouses and facilities, where we discovered all the products, work and the story of the brand. The grounds are magnificent, wide vineyard extension and the headquarters  are a paradise (a Majestic Country House of the eighteenth century totally renovated).

The renowned stylist Moncho Moreno gave a talk on trends and Hairstyle.

Javier Peláez and Amanda Chic

Thanks to Javier Peláez, Jorge Peláez and Inma Carbia for the invitation to the event and for showing that “Savoir Faire”, showing once again that Galicia is Synonym of  Quality and Talent.


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Amanda Chic

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