Exclusive Editorials:

  • All submitted images must belong to you or with the written permission from the author.
  • All work should be unpublished including on social network sites, if not please state when and where it was published.
  • A minimum of 12 images per submission, landscape oriented if possible (due to website format). 
  • For photography, it could be a set of a portrait, documentary, graphic set etc., with story/theme.
  • The models should be agency standards but VDL will accept every work that seems closely-knit, with strong or harmonious aesthetic sense.
  • It’s not required, but a making-of video and some backstage shots are very welcome.
  • Send images in 72dpi .jpg file named with your name, theme and number (e.g. johndoe_thefrail_01.jpg, johndoe_thefrail_02.jpg and so on).
  • Attach full copyright information: your full name, email address and telephone number for our consideration to When submitting final selected approved work please send us high-resolution images specification: 300dpi jpeg A4 size and send via or similar will all credit details numbered and with image numbers corresponding.

Written submissions:

We are looking for a wide range of written submission from articles, interviews, reviews, music, exhibitions, events, newest fashion trends, etc. For literature we want to publish writers, already published  or unpublished, the submission could be an exclusive or an excerpt from a book.


We’re open to almost all kinds of videography, as long as there’s nice and cool concept and awesome aesthetic sense supporting it. It can be documentary, fashion shooting making-of’s, music videos, or whatever you like. Show us your skills, tell us a story. If you are a video artist, movie or photography director, or a videographer, you should submit your work for approval.

  • All submitted videos must belong to you or with the written permission from the author.
  • No min./max. duration established, however videos between 2 and 6 minutes are welcome. But it all relies on the concept.
  • You can send your videos by e-mail but the best way is to put them online – in a platform like or


If you are a songwriter/band or a sound designer, send us a link to your music and if we like it, we’ll feature you.


  1. Hello

    I like to participate in this challenge, and do a Editorial because i work in styling. For all the photo that we have to send, we have to send you first all the information staff before we even started?

    thank you

    Best regards
    Dulce Correia

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